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What We Bring to the Table
 Our Grassfed cattle are raised on a 100% grass diet from birth to finish weight, without hormones or antibiotics, on our ranch in Montana's Blackfoot Valley. They are then processed between 24-36 months of age in one of several local state-inspected facilities, and the meat is dry aged for 14-21 days before finding its way to your plate.

Through careful management of cattle that have been genetically selected for their ability to "finish" (i.e. gain optimum fat cover before slaughter) on the forage our environment has to offer, Mannix Family Grass Finished beef combines the health benefits conferred by Grassfed meat with the gourmet eating experience that only a well-marbled product can offer, and that is often lost in conventional Grassfed beef production  (marbling = intramuscular fat). Therefore, we make a particular management commitment to producing a "finished" product that we are very proud to offer you.

Stewardship and Sustainability
    This enterprise helps sustain our fifth generation family ranch while enhancing the resources we depend on and the broader community in which we live. Just as we were handed down a legacy of stewardship from the previous generation of our family, so we strive to instill the same strong conservation and stewardship values in the next generation. We have been blessed with abundant resources of water, wildlife, grass, timber, open space, and beauty. It has been our goal to maintain a viable ranching operation while enhancing the resources that sustain us. We also recognize that society values these same resources equally and we have a responsiblity to protect the special qualities that fall under our management.

 The pictures on the following slide show were provided by sister Rene Lyons. 

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