Zinn Chapter 4: Tyranny is Tyranny

Cole Manley

US History H

Period 1

September 19, 2008


Zinn Notes: Chapter 4 Tyranny is Tyranny


The Creation of the United States/ Thesis

-          by creating a nation/symbol, people found they could take over land, profits, political power from British Empire


How was this done?

-          Bacon’s Rebellion and 18 others started the change from 1760 on

-          Boston, lower class used town meetings to express their anger

-          Mobs destroyed rich merchants homes after the Stamp Act 1765

-          Tenant riots and uprisings in the 1750’s to 70’s

-          Regulators, or tax collector, hanged

-          Divisions in classes increased tensions

-          Boston Tea Party

-          Patrick Henry’s oratory in Virginia led to reform


Why was this done?

-          Done for liberty, justice, and equality

-          Done to be taxed by themselves, not by english