Welcome to my official home page.

Please navigate through the site and and different tabs to find out the details about my work
   and research experience.
I'm also a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Department of Computer Science at UT under

Before Joining UTAustin I worked 3 years as a System Software Engineer at NVIDIA corporation.
I completed my B.Tech. in Information Technology from College of Engineering Pune (COEP).

I'm highly motivated towards solving real life problems by exploring various areas of computer
Science. My research interests are Computer architecture, Operating systems and Graphics Architecture
At NVIDIA, I'm working in the Display Driver Team for Windows and exploring various areas of research in the field of Computer Systems, Computer architecture, Operating Systems and Graphics.
Apart from this I'm a guitarist too, just not by profession.
I own a ESP LTD M 50 and VOX PathFinder 10.
I'm a music enthusiast and have been part of the college band during various cultural gatherings. My favorite bands are Metallica, Green Day, Pink Floyd and Linkin Park. In Indian bands, Indian Ocean and Raghu Dixit capture my attention.