Working Together to Sustain the Manitou Landscape
Mission: The Manitou Collaborative will work to integrate, sustain, and enhance the unique and multiple values in the Manitou Landscape including: timber and non-traditional forest products, biodiversity, wildlife, recreation, and scenic beauty.

Meetings and Announcements

The Manitou Landscape:

The 100,000 acre Manitou Landscape in northeastern Minnesota comprises a unique mix of working forest, rugged scenery, pristine watersheds, abundant wildlife and outstanding biodiversty values (see Map 1).  Prominent features include:  the hills of the Sawtooth Range; 200 miles of high-quality streams (85% designated trout streams and protected tributaries); 66 lakes, and large tracts of contiguous forests.  One fifth of the area has been ranked as outstanding for statewide biodiversity significance, sustaining high quality native plant communities, significant populations of rare species and healthy, functioning terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.  The majority of the area is working forest and open to outdoor recreation including hunting, fishing, trapping and nature viewing, with numerous trails providing access.  Diverse management units cross the landscape, including the newly created Clair Nelson Memorial Forest (Lake County), Finland State Forest (DNR Forestry), Crosby-Manitou State Park (DNR Parks), Superior National Forest (including Cabin Creek candidate Research Natural Area), The Upper Manitou preserve (The Nature Conservancy), and numerous private holdings.  Tourism and forest industries are the primary economic drivers in the area, supporting the local communities of Finland, Cramer, Murphy City, and Isabella. 


Since 2000, the Manitou Collaborative—a group of public and private landowners—has been striving to conserve and manage the unique ecological, recreational, and economic values in this landscape Partners include the Minnesota DNR, The Nature Conservancy, Lake County, Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, the Minnesota Forest Resources Council, and the US Forest Service.