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Keystone Farm

Submitted by: William Paulishyn

Keystone farm is o/o by William F. (Bill) Paulishyn. After teaching for 34 years in Manitoba I chose to work with a different type of “kids', young goats.

In 1997 I purchased 25 boer does and a full blood buck to begin my goat operation after having raised English Springer Spaniels and Blonde d'Aquitaine cattle.

In time the herd (trip) got to be nearing 100 does. The supply of animals could NOT keep up to the demand and business was good. Although business was good losses due to poor mothering and desire to live by kids made me look at what was happening. In 2005 I switched from Boers to Kikos, a breed that solved the mothering problem and was a much better fit for my farm.

The kiko goat adds, speed of growth, improved fertility, early maturity, females that provide nutrition to their young, extended breeding season, ease of maintenance, soundness of feet, easy care kidding, enhanced male virility and less need for parasite control. These animals seem to answer our needs.

Our first purchase was from Mario Duchesne from Quebec when we bought in a buck, Franc-Nord Baskatong, and three does. In June 2009 we imported SDR Casey Bear from Illinois to add to our genetic pool. All was going well till 2010 and 2011 when SE Manitoba was very wet and a parasite, the liver fluke, devastated our herd. Our numbers are down but we still offer top quality kiko bucks to our customers.

The summer of 2013 we imported females and a new buck, LPR Mosin a 100% New Zealand buck. Mosin is solid black and the blacks are much more parasite resistant. With this in mind we are working to a all black herd of kikos. We have added SDR Tatum Bear to our sire pool in the summer of 2014. His grand sire is one of the original kiko goats imported to North America by Dr. An Pieschel. Yes the semen was in the tank for 19 years.

If you are looking for a parasite resistant goat and a doe this is a good mother along with kids that get up and go then look no further, look to the KIKO Goat.