Our Services


The Manistee County Child Advocacy Center will provide a range of Services to help children and families.

Some of these services are:

Supervised Visitation/Safe Exchange

Through the supervised visitation program, we hope to make the separation between child and parent less traumatic and help the child build and maintain healthy relationships with their parents.  There are times when it is necessary for visitation between the child and parent to be supervised.  We also hope to educate parents about how to work together to minimize the effects of separation.

Forensic interviewing

A neutral, non-leading interview of a child regarding an allegation of abuse.  The forensic interview is a coordinated approach by police, prosecutor, and human services so that the child is not repeatedly interviewed about the allegation.

Child Advocate

The child Advocate will offer crisis counseling and on-going support to child victims and their non-offending family members.

We have much work to accomplish and with your yelp we can make the Advocacy Center a wonderful resource for vulnerable children and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities

Committee Member:

We need people willing to serve on committees and help us implement many of the tasks necessary to make the Center a reality.  There are many committees for all talents such as the building/facility, publicity and fundraising committees.

Direct Service volunteers:

We will also need volunteers for the Center services, such as:

Parent time Monitors, to assist with parent/child bonding with the parents who have had their time with their child monitored.

Child Advocate volunteers to support abu
se or sexual assault child victim and non-offending family go through the investigation, prosecution, and healing.


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