Dr. Manish Mishra
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics
Pune, India
Email: manish AT iiserpune DOT ac DOT in

                  Representation theory of p-adic groups    

                        Dates: Workshop: July 10-15, 2017; Conference: July 17-19, 2017

                        Venue:   Madhava Hall, 3rd floor, Main Academic Building, 

                       Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, 

                       Pune, India (IISER Pune).


                                 1. Anne-Marie Aubert (Institute of mathematics at Jussieu, France)
                                  2. Manish Mishra (IISER Pune, India)
                                  3. Alan Roche (University of Oklahoma, USA)
                                  4. Steven Spallone (IISER Pune, India)