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Saturday March 23rd and Sunday March 24th, 2019


MAR 23 & 24 2019

Hounds Away: Saturday - 3:00 pm

Hounds Away: Sunday - 10:00 am

Hares: Japayuki and YumYum

Where: Camarin Resort, Cavinti, Laguna

Google Map: Here

Beer: Beermeister

Hash Cash: As this is a special run, there is a special price inclusive of everything - 850php for all cummers. Same charge as last May, 2017. See the Blah Blah Blah for more details.

Blah Blah Blah Details:

The Camarin Resort is owned by the National Power Corporation built for the use of its executives. We have been given permission to use their facilities.


· Arrival at noon on Saturday, March 23rd; Stay overnight; depart noon Sunday, 24th.

· Runs will be held on Saturday Afternoon, 23rd March and Sunday Morning, 24thMarch.

· Dinner will be served on the 24th; breakfast on the 25th. You are expected to provide your own food for the rest of the weekend.

· If you want to stay longer, you may do so but must first make arrangements with Ms. Emelyn Sanchez, Tel 9165584320 or 029213541).There is in fact a small group of 6 Hashers who have opted to stay an extra night (24th March)at the resort.


· One (1) remaining cottage with 3 beds at Php 2,000 per night. Additional bed at Php 220 per night.

· Four (4) rooms each with 4 beds and bath @ Php 1500/room/night. Additional bed at Php 220 per night.

· One (1) room with 7 beds (bunks) and bath @Php 2000 per night.

· Tent space (atop a small hill) for a maximum of 10 tents at Php 150 per night per tent.

· No problem with parking.


· Two showers and Male/Female CRs available by the swimming pool (beside the tent area). Folks in the cottages may wish to share their bathrooms with others as well.

· There is a large kitchen with burners and freezer, coffee dispenser and an outside grill for cooking (bring your own charcoal).

· Potable water is available, but we recommend you bring your own drinking water.


· Cottage, rooms, or tent space will be separately reserved and paid by concerned participants directly to the resort administration (call Ms. Emelyn Sanchez at 09165584320 or 029213541). Call her now if you want to attend because accommodations are limited.

· An across-the-board charge of Php 850 (US $17) from all participants will in addition be levied to cover…

o Resort entrance fee

o Japanese Garden entrance fee (circle location)

o Run fees (Php 250 for Saturday; Php 100 for Sunday

o Meals (Saturday dinner and Sunday Breakfast); kitchen charges from NPC.

o Buco and snacks after each run

o Two Guides

o Security (2 security guards and 2 military personnel from nearby camp, with us in the evening)

· This amount must be paid to___________________in full prior to March 10,2019—the deadline for reservations.

· A full accounting of all expenses will be provided the GM shortly after the runs.

· Remember, reservations and payment for accommodations should be made directly to the Camarin Resort (NPC) administration (Ms. Sanchez)


The trail on Saturday afternoon will take us to a fairly large waterfall where you can go swimming so don’t forget to bring your swim wear. All swimmers will be required to us life vests which will be provided by the Hares.

· We have obtained permission to have a bonfire close to the camping area on Saturday night.

· We will have a “Yucca” ritual on Saturday night compliments of the hares.

· Bring a comfortable chair, and mosquito repellent.

· No harm if you bring a first aid kit also.

A brand new US-made canoe will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis to twosomes on:

      • Saturday March 23- 11:30 am – 2:30pm
      • Sunday March 24- early morning – 5gg:00 pm

Please contact Japayuki at the site for oars and life vests.


If you have any questions, please call Japayuki (09257133094) or Yumyum (+639560345380 or 09175798536)


There are two ways to get to the National Power Corporation (NPC) “Camarin” Resort in Caliraya Lake, Laguna, both requiring travel by or around the Laguna de Bay:

OPTION ONE: Take the south Luzon express highway (SLEX) and exit at Calamba. Proceed to Los Banos and onward to Pagsanjan. Calamba to Pagsanjan should take you about one hour of travel time. When you reach Pagsanjan, pass the arch and on to a “T” intersection fronting the old catholic church. Turn left and proceed to the town of Lumban. Cross a fairly long bridge and after a few more kilometers, you will see a turnoff to your right. There will be signs in that turnoff informing motorists that it is the road to Caliraya lake. Turn right and proceed to climb via a gentle zigzag upwards till you reach the lake. Stay on the main road around the lake and after two or three kilometers you will notice a small park to the right called the Japanese Gardens. The Camarin Resort gate is almost in front of, or just a few meters after the Japanese Gardens to your left.

OPTION TWO: Drive to Antipolo on Ortigas Extension from EDSA. When you reach Antipolo, stay right on the elliptical road and down on a zigzag to the town of Teresa. Staying on the main road at all times, drive to the town of Tanay, then to the town of Pililia, up another zigzag and down again to the town of Mabitac and on to Pakil, then to Paete (staying on the main road ) and finally to Lumban. While driving through Lumban, watch for the “Samonte Resort” sign. As soon as you see this resort, there is a left turn on the road leading upwards. There are signs on this turnoff indicating it is the road to Caliraya. Turn Left on that road and proceed to climb via a gentle zigzag upwards till you reach the lake. Stay on the main road around the lake and after two or three kilometers you will notice a small park to the right called the Japanese Gardens. The Camarin gate is almost in front of, or just a few meters after the Japanese Gardens to your left

Don't forget there are other hashes in Manila. Manila H3 every Monnite (mens'), Manila Harriettes (usually ladies'), Makati Metro Manila, and the Manila Full Moon. There are links to all those hashes on the M2H3 website.

Hashing is fun, see you on trail!


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