manila hash house harriers

we don't give one, but we know where to find one
hindi kami namimigay ng isa, ngunit alam namin kung saan makakahanap ng isa

philippines premier hash 

trails of genie arse since 1972

our first trail was laid by james ratcatcher howard from manila nomad sports club in 1972. our first numbered trail was laid from forbes park, makati on 28 april 1975 by david jenkins

mh3 trails cater to every specie of hound: feet footed, legends in their own shorts, loping lotharios, tyrannosaurus wrecks.

we have adapted to the loss of accessible sugar cane country, replacement of green open space with asphalt and urban sprawl by becoming masters of the coup d'tar

mh3 trails brilliantly transcend congestion and avoid the dull city rhythm by taking in aspects of the metropolis that even manilyanos aren't aware exist. we trespass thither & yon without inhibition.

circles and on on ons continue the hashperience, opening more dimensions -- metaphysical & empirical -- completing the perfect trifecta of monights soaked in ritual.  


next weak’s miracle for the mh3 pharts: too old, too phat, too slow, too bloody good

ano (what): trail mmcxxxix 

kailan (when): monday 07 sep 2015, 6pm 

sino (who): squatta

saan (where): ford global city

direksyon: enter ford car park from rizal ave, which is one way, so attack via 5th ave



hashit na plastik:shiggy
linya ng buhok:squatta
sari sari storr:balloon
pera:pretty boy
alas seis na:thirsty
malakas na utot:queer stop
musika:vagina miner
escribiente- paparazzo:squatta
truk ng serbesa:huge wally
tagapayo sa relihiyonblah blah
el supremo:r-sole

agpu15: was trail 2117, held on sat 18apr15, tropicana resort, sabang beach, puerto galera, mindoro.


p. burgos (makati) & m. h. del pilar (ermita) are legendary as manila's colourful boulevards of shattered dreams & empty wallets. since 1992 ermita is mostly moribund. kindly padre burgos is available for confession and will honour secrets.

makati:  cathouse. since 1977, original mh3 bar run by original mh3 hound walt fagerstrom. right off p. burgos at kalayaan cnr dona carmen.


no iq:       +63 928 428 1840
thirsty:     +63 928 507 6627
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