Welcome to my listing of Manila Galleon activity between the Philippines and Mexico for the years 1565 through 1815.  This is a listing of the ships that sailed between Manila/Cavite and Acapulco from 1565 to 1815.  I have tried to make the listing of dates and names and outcomes as complete as possible. 
However, due to the scanty and sometimes ambiguous or contradictory information that is available--characteristics that prompted the project some years ago--there may be errors or omissions in the listing to date.  Indeed, it is obvious from the statistics and alphabetized list of galleons and their voyages compiled here that there is much we yet do not know.  It also seems apparent that there are many gaps or contradictions yet to confront.  Please let me know by e-mail (address listed below)when you find omissions or errors.
In order to use this site to find the expanded detail on galleon activity for a specific year, type in the year of interest in the box Search this Site above, right.  On the resulting page, choose and click on the document you wish to see.  One can also search for specific names, authors, and places.
For more information on the sources for this site, as well as some analysis, please see the following documents, also listed on the left:
             1565 to 1815 Overview
                    1.  Alphabetized List of Galleons and Other Ships
                    2.  Statistics for Ship Arrivals and Departures, 1565-1815
                    3.  Summary Information of Galleon Arrivals and Departures, 1565-1815
                    4.  Summary Statistics for Ship Arrivals and Departures, 1565-1815, by Decade
             Terminology and Frequently Used Sources
             Galleon Miscellany
  Enjoy--Bruce Cruikshank, ManilaGalleon@yahoo.com