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    English Language Arts
    6th Grade: Mr. Patrick Duffy
    7th Grade: Mr. Patrick Duffy / Mr. William Meehan
    8th Grade: Mr. William Meehan
    6th & 7th Grades: Ms. Lorin Barnes-Farrow
    8th Grade: Ms. Michaelyn Shepard
    6th & 7th grade band, 8th grade Concert Band elective, Jazz Band elective: Mr. Thomas J. Cusack
    6th Grade Life Science: Ms. Kathleen Lekadou
    7th Grade Physical Science: Ms. Kathleen Lekadou
    8th Grade Regents Earth Science: Mr. Christopher Scanlon
    Social Studies
    6th Grade Ancient Civilizations: Mr. Kevin Miller
    7th Grade American History and the Age of Exploration:  Mr. Frank Handibode
    8th Grade American History and Government Regents Course: Mr. Kevin Miller
    6th, 7th, & 8th Grades: Mr. Angel Rangel
    Visual Art
    6th, 7th, & 8th Grades: Mr. David Macaluso
    Manhattan East students take two double periods of electives of their choosing each week.