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English Language Arts
6th Grade: Mr. Patrick Duffy
7th Grade: Mr. Patrick Duffy / Mr. William Meehan
8th Grade: Mr. William Meehan
6th & 7th Grades: Ms. Lorin Barnes-Farrow
8th Grade: Ms. Michaelyn Shepard
6th & 7th grade band, 8th grade Concert Band elective, Jazz Band elective: Mr. Thomas J. Cusack
6th Grade Life Science: Ms. Kathleen Lekadou
7th Grade Physical Science: Ms. Kathleen Lekadou
8th Grade Regents Earth Science: Mr. Christopher Scanlon
Social Studies
6th Grade Ancient Civilizations:  Mr. Frank Handibode
7th Grade American History and the Age of Exploration:  Mr. Frank Handibode
8th Grade American History and Government Regents Course: Mr. Kevin Miller
6th and 7th Grades: Mr. Angel Rangel
8th Grade:  Ms. Hernandez
Visual Art
6th, 7th, & 8th Grades: Mr. David Macaluso
Physical Education
6th & 7th Grades: 
8th Grades: Mr. Kevin Miller

Students meet in advisory courses twice a week during first period.  In advisory, students explore issues and ideas pertinent to middle school and the tween and early teen years.  It includes a curriculum on respecting each other.  
Manhattan East students take two double periods of electives of their choosing each week.  Course selection changes every year, but examples include Student Government, Yearbook, Debate, African Dance, Salsa, Photography, and Cartooning.