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Liliana Sarro, Principal

Manhattan East School for Arts and Academics was founded in 1981 on the principle that students, parents, teachers and administrators are all partners in establishing the finest educational program possible.  Our students are highly motivated, with a proven record of  academic excellence and a strong interest in the arts.  Our educational team is fully committed to ensuring the success of our students by adhering to the philosophy that a rigorous, multicultural, interdisciplinary, challenging curriculum with an experiential approach, coupled with high expectations will provide all students with the opportunity and freedom to achieve and excel.



Melissa Cancel, Assistant Principal

"As the Assistant Principal at Manhattan East, my mission is to foster self-motivation and reflection within our students.  In this way, it is my belief that we prepare our students to take on any responsibility and achieve success in any field they choose.  The students who pass through Manhattan East know that consequences and rewards are great because we care and believe in the students that they are now and the young adults that they will become when they leave us."

Ms. Cancel has had a diverse career teaching both adults and students primarily in the field of science.  As a member of Community School District 4, she was honored to be a middle school teacher trainer, assisted in the design of the performance standards for science, and contributed work product for the SPARKS publication.  In addition, she has worked as part of a team of educators giving a course on The Methods of Teaching Science at City College and Hunter College.


Angie Ortiz-Kortright, Parent Coordinator

The parent coordinator at Manhattan East is the primary contact for parents.  Working closely with the school principal, assistant principal, and staff, Ms. Ortiz coordinates parent communication and provides administrative support to the school administration and faculty.  Call the school's main number, 212-860-6047, to reach her.

Carmen R. Ocasio, Guidance Counselor
"At Manhattan East, classes begin smoothly and and we work closely with our students as they transition into middle school.  The sixth graders adjust easily to their new surroundings and their schedules and are a friendly presence in the school. The seventh graders enjoy having grown up from being the youngest in the school and the eighth graders will be applying to high schools and making important decisions. I welcome inquiries regarding the high school matriculation process."
The role as school Guidance Counselor is to support students as they transition into middle school and guide them through their next three years.  The Manhattan East students go on to some of the finest high schools in New York City.