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10 steps to a successful church?

How do churches define "success"?  This question often remains unspoken, but it clearly drives what churches do and who they seek to be.  Unfortunately, as I briefly argue here, churches have always faced the temptation to borrow their own definition of success from their surrounding culture.  Today, theological crisis looms as churches eagerly sell their souls to the business world and its consumerist marketing impulses.  

updated 6-18-06

progressive christianity: too paradoxical to survive?

a few standing questions i have about the progressive elements of the church, activism and our theological tradition...

updated 6-01-06 

wild at heart ?

a theological and biblical critique of the popular devotional book for men

updated 5-08-06 

the language of hope

an imaginary sermon (one that I have not preached, but would like to someday) about the language we use for God.  

updated 5-01-06  

why mango street

a brief explanation of the name of the website, based on the book by Sandra Cisneros

updated 5-02-06

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