Planetary Mantras

The position of the planets affect our karma. The science of astrology is thousands of years old, and there is an eastern and western variety. Both the eastern and western astrology work and have a scientific validity and a basis. But only the eastern astrology has specific mantras for each of the planets, so that if you're having a problem with a vibration from one planet or another that's manifesting in difficulties in your daily life, you can soften that, and in some cases eliminate it all together. So there are mantras for each of the planets and two nodes of the mood which are called dragon's head and dragon's tail. Working with these mantras by chanting them works directly upon the organ inside where the karma related to that planet is stored. It begins to dig out that which maybe holding you back and releasing it so that any negative effects from that planetary influence simply evaporates. So if you want to reduce your karma that is related from the positions of the planets you should have your horoscope cast from a vedic astrologer to know which planets need softening through mantras to relieve your from their negative pull.

Sun (Surya): Sun represents soul, king, highly placed persons, father.
Om Shree Suryayeh Namaha

Moon  (Chand): Moon represents Mind, queen, mother.
Om Chandrayeh Namaha

Mars  (Mangal): Mars represents energy, confidence and ego.
Om Angarakayeh Namaha

Mercury (Buddha): Mercury represents communication.
Om Buddhayeh Namaha

Venus Mantra (Shukra): Venus represents wealth, pleasure and reproduction.
Om Shukrayeh Namaha

Jupiter (Guru): Jupiter represents the great teacher.
Om Guraveh Namaha

Saturn (Shani): Saturn represents learning and Career.
Om Shanishwarayeh Namaha

After the age of 28 years, you use Swaha due to the return of the Saturn cycle every 28 years.

Moon: Two karmic nodes,  Dragon's head and Dragon's tale, North node and South node, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu represents an Asura who does his best to plunge any area of one's life he controls into chaos. Ketu represents supernatural influences.

Om Rahuve Namaha (Dragon's head)
Om Ketuve Namaha (Dragon's tail)

If you don't know which planets are affecting you in your astrological natal chart there is a series of stanzas called the Navagraha pita and these are stanzas designed to soften your planetary karma of all the planets.

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