Z+Angband: Known Issues

Here are some known issues in Z+Angband that may eventually be fixed properly, but in the meantime there are ways around them:


1.  On some Windows systems, fonts for walls don't show up properly.  For this reason the default font package uses the standard ascii '#' symbol for walls, which can be a strain on the eyes.  There are three ways to fix this if it bothers you:

    1: If you feel like it, use a graphics package. 
    2: Use the '%' (interact with graphics) feature and choose "load a user pref file" -- the user pref file that is offered (user-w2k.prf) includes the block symbol for walls and permanent rock.
    3: If you want, consider replacing the "graf-win.prf" file (in the "pref" folder in your "lib" folder) with the "graf-winhack.prf" file, and then select the 8x8 graphics tileset in the game.  This will use graphics for walls and floor terrain, but all interesting things (monsters, objects, doors, shops, you, etc.) will be in ascii as normal.  You can also use "graf-winhack2.prf" to make just the walls use graphics.  If you ever want to switch back, "graf-winnormal.prf" is a backup of the original graf-win.prf.  (graf-winhack.prf is recommended: the game makes use of many varying types of terrain, which gives different areas a different feel, one I think players will miss with only a colored '.' or '%')

2.  In version 0.3.0, a preference file was included for the David Gervais tileset.  This is a work in progress, and some things may not show up properly.  If you find any tiles that don't look right you can use the '%' (interact with visuals) command to modify the tile associations.  The pref file will be updated from time to time; the latest version is here: graf-dvg.prf

3.  In version 0.2.2, the running code was revamped to avoid a bug: namely, the running code would not consider sequences of two moves that did not share a compass direction.  This meant that some orthogonal moves were never considered: NW-NE was, but N-E was not.  This, in turn, caused a problem when running with light radius 1 in a corridor, because corners would not be fully explored.  (The "find_examine" option, which was supposed to make sure the corners were explored, was ignored.)  My fix for this involves 64-bit integers.  This works on both my unix and Windows builds, but if it causes problems for you, I have included "run_old.c", the old version of run.c, which reintroduces the bugs but should avoid the problem.  I am not aware of any systems for which this is necessary but I have suspicions that there are some. 

4.  Crashes.  I'm not aware of any crashes in the game right now, but Z+Angband is still in beta release, and is likely to have them.  Version 0.2.3 includes an option to automatically backup your savefile when an autosave is performed; by default this option is on.  This replaces the mechanism from 0.2.2 to disable "panic saves", which didn't work for some players.