Z+Angband: Downloads

Most recent version 0.3.3 (beta) (12/25/2010):

Savefiles are compatible.  I am not sure that all bugfixes will work for old savefiles, but I have checked this for many of the most critical bugs, including the crashes.  Bugfixes on quest-related bugs may not fix problems with old savefiles: quests are all created at the start of the game, but the game does make an effort to repair these to some degree. 

To save space, the large graphics files for the David Gervais tileset are not included in the normal download package.  You must download them separately here: ZIP format, .tar.gz format.  To use them, extract the 32x32.bmp and mask32.bmp files and put them in your lib/xtra/graf directory.  For the latest revision of these files, please see http://www.mediafire.com/buzzkill.

Prior versions:

I am primarily supporting only the Windows version.  However, if recent versions of Zangband work for you, this should too, because I only changed the core of the game, not its code for interfacing with the operating system. 

I am supporting text-based graphics, and to a lesser extent, the "old" 8x8 graphics tiles.  David Gervais 32x32 tiles are now supported (separate download) but are still being worked on.  Other graphics may or may not work, I haven't tested them.