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Session 2 (1/15/15)

posted Jan 16, 2015, 10:16 AM by Rod Spellman   [ updated Jan 16, 2015, 10:27 AM ]
Start: 17 Sunmont, 200 YAF, 1320 Hours
The party continued their initial exploration of Dwimmermount. They spent a little time debating about whether they should return to Muntburg and hire some of the sell-swords that Tasin had mentioned, but they decided that they needed to find some actual coin to pay hirelings first. They opted to open the double doors leading south from the initial room and found themselves in a long corridor. Methodically checking rooms, they found a trio of dead (and solidified) dwarves. Some quick hits from Sydow's morning star "loosened" the dwarves up and allowed the looting of their armor and weapons--which were promptly stowed back in the entry room, except for a strange carved leather wineskin, which Sydow kept. Another room found some strange training apparatuses with what is, presumably, a control mechanism, but none of the party felt brave enough to mess with it. 

Further down the main corridor, they came across a mostly empty room occupied by two apparitions playing a game of zatrikio. They appeared to be debating the rules of the game, and their soundless argument left the party a bit unnerved, but not so much so that Trebor didn't attempt to draw their attention by flipping their table. The spectral game board remained in place, though, and the debate continued. Down the hall, the party found another statue to Mavors, but with the same bearded head on it. They attempted to replace this head with the heads from the entry room, but nothing happened, so all of the heads were replaced in the bags to be toted onward. The party continued on to find more conversant denizens. 

Balfar (from http://www.creativeuncut.com/
They found them in the form of seven orcs. Although both sides were initially surprised, Trebor was able to act and quickly cut down the closest orc. A short melee ensued, and while Sydow was injured, the party prevailed--largely due to the shaman's python, Belt. At the end of the battle, the last orc attempted to escape through another door on the other side of the room before he was cut down. Maiger surmised that there might be more orcs in the next room, and he was correct. Another battle, shorter because there were fewer orcs, ensued, and while Maiger suffered a painful cut across his forehead, the party again came out on top. The orcs were found to be guarding a dwarf, who, when rescued, announced himself as Balfar--one of the surviving members of the slain dwarven party found earlier. He took the wineskin from Sydow and explained how it could be used to make a map. He also agreed to pay the party if they were willing to help him get out of Dwimmermount. The party agreed, but suggested he could travel with them. Balfar explained that he was looking for the dwarven cemetery rumored to be in the dungeon, and would travel with them until they found it. 

The party retreated to Muntburg to heal and look for some mercenaries--the two near-death experiences at the hands of the orcs made them rethink their decision to explore without help. Sydow sold most of the gear looted from the dwarves and the orcs, and Balfar paid the group from his private stash of funds. This left Sydow with enough money to buy some plate armor, but found that none was available in Muntburg, so he borrowed Maiger's horse and rode to Adamas, where he procured his armor and returned. While he was gone, the rest of the party convalesced under the healing watch of Brett and made some inquiries about hirelings. Maiger found that a mage named Climent, who was waiting at the Green Dragon Inn for his group, the Red Shields, but had grown impatient and was willing--for a price--to strike out with Maiger and his group. Brett also hired a woman named Josiane to help protect him, but also angered another hireling--Landrie--with his low initial offer of payment. When Sydow returned, he visited the temple to Typhon, and when Curate Herint was out of earshot, convinced young Mathyeu the acolyte to desert his post at the temple and head with him into the dungeon. Suitably equipped with hirelings, the party set out back up the mountain.

End: 22 Sunmont, 200 YAF, 0800 Hours