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  • Session 6 (4/9/15)
    Start: 13 Moonmont, 200 YAF (0800)
    As the Manglers prepared to head back to Dwimmermount, Jehan and the rest of Typhon's Fists knocked on their door. They said that they wanted to rent the services of Trebor, the thief, for a few hours. After much negotiation between Sydow and Jehan, the two parties agreed to merge, to travel to the locked door together, and to evenly split any treasure that was behind the door, including bidding for first shot at magical treasure. Nervous about this arrangement, Brett "the Snake" Savagewood contacted his spiritual ancestors, asking them three questions:
    1. Was it Saidon's goal to keep them out of Dwimmermount? (Yes.)
    2. Was it in the Manglers' best interest to clear out the cultists in the swamp? (No.)
    3. Had Typyhon's Fists discussed attacking the Manglers in Dwimmermount? (Yes.)
    Feeling more aware of the situation, the party let The Fists lead the group back to Dwimmermount and to the left from the entry room. They pointed out where they had killed some orcs, a room filled with tmasks that they had left alone for fear of traps, the room where two more of Balfar's companions had fallen, and the room where they had fought the metal skeletons (which were still there, as far as they knew). Their final destination was a massive metal door with a keyhole lock. Trebor made short work of the lock and opened the door into a room filled with piles of jewelry and trinkets. Sydow and Brett and Enjorran and Josiane entered the room and started looking through the loot. When Josiane attempted to remove a piece of jewelry from the wall, a creature stepped out of the shadows and grabbed her face, sucking her soul from her body and leaving her a husk. Sydow quickly called in his squad of henchmen to help, but they soon found that their weapons could not affect the creature, and while their wall of spears kept it from striking them for a while, eventually it managed to grab Iodberta and drain her life, too. Jehan, Enjorran, and Sydow all attempted to turn the creature and force it back by Typhon's light, but their powers failed them, and the creature continued its assault, grabbing Brett and draining part of his energy before he could wrench himself free. With Eldon blocked from throwing spectral flame by the fleeing henchmen, the Manglers and Fists realized that they had no magical support, and no way to hurt the wight. Both groups fled, grabbing what treasure they could on the way, and relocking the wight in its room of treasure.

    The two groups divided the treasure they had hastily grabbed. Sydow asked Typhon to be able to see magical energy, and they realized that a small, cone-tipped finger bone and an eagle-shaped brooch were magical, as well as Jehan's warhammer and Yurain's shield (which led to the Manglers wondering why Jehan hadn't been at the front attacking the wight). The party bid against the Fists and won first pick of items, choosing the brooch. The parties split ways, with Eldon revealing to the Manglers that he had filled his backpack with treasure that he had kept hidden from the Fists. The party headed to the last unexplored end of the central hallways, finding a set of doors made of a white, ceramic-like substance that seemed barely damaged by hitting it with an axe. Eldon noticed that there was a faint indention in the shape of a cross in a circle,  but finding no way to open the doors, the party left. They headed to the zatrikio-playing ghosts and made some new attempts to get them to notice them, but again failed in all attempts to manipulate what was already in the room. Then they headed to the mouth on the wall. Balfar asked where the dwarven graveyard could be found, and found that it was south, past where the finished halls ended. Sydow had a string of henchmen ask questions, finding that the largest treasure was east (presumably in the vault with the wight), that the white doors led to an elevator that went to the "Divinitarium" and the "Halls of Lesser Secrets," and that there was a talisman somewhere on the level that could open the elevator, but the mouth thought it must still be with the captain of the guard. 

    Exploring a bit further, the Manglers found a door that led into a roughly hewn series of tunnels, and Belt was sent to scout. He returned suggesting that there were kobolds in two directions and large spiders in another. Shutting the door, the Manglers explored a room filled with crates, and in the bottom of one found a set of ancient chain mail, still in good condition.Finally, the Manglers decided to see what would happen with the silvery-black bubbles they had found earlier. Eldon said that he thought the bubbles were made of azoth, a near-mythical material said to be useful in enchanting. Brett moved his wheelbarrow under a bubble and stabbed it with a spear. The resulting explosion knocked Brett unconscious and making him fall awkwardly on his bad leg, further damaging his knee. Fearing that the shaman could not handle further trauma (having been energy drained and blasted in the space of about 1 hour), the Manglers headed back to Muntburg.

    Trebor was sent to Adamas to find information on wights and to find someone who could identify the brooch's function. The rest of the party waited for Brett to heal enough to travel, and then headed to Adamas as well. Reconvening with Trebor, they found that wights could be injured by magic and silvered weapons, prompting the group to have all of their weapons covered in the metal. The brooch had a magical shielding effect, stopping magically-charged missile attacks. Deciding that such an item was not as useful to them as cash, the group set out to find a buyer. They also found that the chain mail they had discovered was of Thulian design--infused with azoth to make it lighter and stronger than normal chain, and somewhat resistant to magic. While Sydow looked for a buyer for the brooch and a replacement henchman, Eldon took Brett to find a healer who could fix his leg. Knowing that Bishop Saidon would be unhelpful, given the group's failure to look into the cultist camp over the last month, Eldon took Brett (in the wheelbarrow) to Matriarch Morna, the head of the church of Tyche. In return for Brett's vow to follow the ways of Tyche (and a 500 gp donation), Morna prayed for Brett's leg. Despite a moment of intense pain, Brett found his leg perfectly healed, and his skin tinged silver--the blessing of Tyche, whispered Morna. Sydow returned with the money from the sale of the brooch, and the party returned to Muntburg where Brett continued to recover from his transformation. 

    End: 2 Starmont, 200 YAF

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  • Session 5 (4/2/15)
    Start: 2 Moonmont, 200 YAF (1000 Hours)

    Having recuperated in Muntburg, the party set out for Dwimmermount again. As they prepared to leave, they encountered another adventuring group, most attired in tabards depicting the symbol of Typhon held in a fist. Jehan, the leader of Typhon's Fists, spoke with Sydow and Brett--obviously finding the shaman disturbing. Jehan seemed surprised that Sydow and his group were in town, mentioning that he had heard that they were supposed to be rooting out Termaxian cultists near Adamas. Some bantering ensued, but Typhon's Fists eventually moved on. Balfar spoke some to Yurain, a dwarven vaultguard with Jehan, and the party attempted to hire him away from the Fists, but he wasn't interested. The party headed on to the mountain.

    In the mountain, they found a number of empty rooms before coming upon a room filled with more of the spectral soldiers like they had encountered earlier. These were discussing troops movements and strategy, and again payed no attention to the party. In a nearby room, the party found a series of 6 pedestals with strange bronze plates laying in front of them. When Brett stepped on one of the plates, he found himself having a vision of the ancient past. Through stepping on all of the plates, the party had visions of a battle between Thulian soldiers and an army of red-skinned elves and their orc and demon hordes; a fight in Dwimmermount between soldiers and a mutant creature; a visit by a Thulian dignitary (ruler?) to Dwimmermount; wizards being interrogated by soldiers; wizards giving orders to soldiers; and soldiers looking down at a table which held a bronze head of a bearded man who looked like the heads the party had found on statues. While the party experienced their visions, Trebor sneaked down a set of stairs where he saw and heard some skeletal figures, but he retreated before he could get a good look.

    In another part of the Path of Mavors, the party found an old laboratory and a library. They found some books in the library that seemed of interest and a map of the exarchate of Theana. When they left the library, they found the laboratory occupied by kobolds. While both sides were initially surprised, battle was soon entered, with the kobolds swarming under the lab table and cutting down Mathyeu, Sydow's henchman. Outnumbered two to one, Eldon released a gout of spectral fire, singeing Balfar and incinerating the downed Mathyeu and most of the kobolds. The remainder were quickly dispatched and Balfar was sent back to town with Mathyeu's corpse. 

    Continuing on, the party found a room with three bronze boxes covered in dials and knobs. A scorched pattern was in front of them, along with some silvery splotches. The party, fearing a trap, left them alone. In another room, the party found half of the floor covered in oil. Trebor carefully navigated across the oil to a door and opened it into a room filled with kobolds. One of the kobolds tossed a torch onto the oil, and using the inferno as cover, the party retreated away from the kobolds' arrows. 

    Deciding to slow their pace, the party decided to take one of their books, a book of strategy and tactics, to the debating spectral soldiers. However, they couldn't find a way to get the soldiers to interact with it. A similar experiment with the guards playing zatrikio (and a rulebook on the game) also had little effect, as the group tried everything short of giving the book to the apparitions to no effect. 

    With only one henchman, the party decided to check out one more of the circular rooms at the ends of the cross-shaped main hallway, assuming it might be a barracks like the others. But before they could get there, they ran straight into a gelatinous cube. In the ensuing battle, Brett and Sydow were both paralyzed, and Brett was nearly devoured before Eldon, Trebor, and Durand (Eldon's henchman) were able to defeat the cube. Taking some jewelry and a potion from the cube's corpse, the party left the dungeon. 

    Over the next week, Brett recovered from his near-death experience, but the vicious way the cube slammed him into the floor left with with a permanent limp. Eldon read from the book on tactics and found himself much enlightened. Sydow and Trebor headed to Adamas to sell their goods. In the city, they consulted with a wizard about the jewelry, but found that none of it was magical. The potion was determined to enable the imbiber to fly, and a sage bought the map of the exarchate from them and told them that this place was once the easternmost province of the Thulian Empire, the land in which Turms Termax had been born. With the loot sold, and money counted, Sydow commenced to hiring henchmen. Walpurga, Hrodgar, Iodberta, Machtildis, and Hildeburga joined the party's ranks, and Sydow and Trebor returned to Muntburg, finding the increasingly warm temperatures of spring a welcome respite from the cold of the last month. 

    End: 12 Moonmont (1600 Hours)
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