Warriors MAngband Page v0.3

Sitting at 6300 waiting for morgoth to spawn.

Vault #112.



Version 0.1 Jan 2006:
Zaphod, lvl 50 Dunadan Warrior recalls to the bottom, finds a scroll of *Acquirement*, reads it, expecting a small leather shield of resist cold and a broad axe of slay troll he's surprised to see a purple [ next to himself. He picks it up and server responds immediately - Timeout. Crash.
@ logs back in, but last server save was about 1 minute before finding *Acquirement*.
PDSM gone.








Version 0.2 May 30'th 2006:
Made Jug/Graham King's client/server for windows available for download.

Graham King's MAngband client for Windows 

Graham King's MAngband server for Windows

Version 0.21 July 7'th 2007:
It's summer and Warrior is sad because his alter ego Bjorn suddenly has a girlfriend again and cant play the mang all the time this summer like he planned to.

Zaphod tried to take on Morgoth a few months ago but Morgoth got lucky and hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit hit and no miss and thats all it takes. @ dead. Will post the character log and some screenshots eventually so others can see exactly how badass Morgoth is when he feels like it. 

Just found this awesome screenshot, made by fink_mage from the "Pave the planet" campaign from last year, it's -300 (Directly northeast from town on the mangband.org server). Later we also filled the roads with open doors (you can run on open doors but monsters can't spawn on them) so moving around on such a level is very fast :) Click the image to get it full sized. Thanks to fink_mage, Falx and many others.
Version 0.3  July 8'th 2007:
Made PowerWyrms PWMangband 0.9.9 server, client and console available for download 
You must change the extensions from .ex_ to .exe to make it work :)

With time I have plans to include:

  •  a (new) FAQ
  • screenshots
  •  downloads
  • ...and more.