MangaBento is an anything-goes gathering of artists and art lovers. Most of us are interested in Japan and anime/manga and its derivatives: Cosplay, doujinshi, computer art, gaming, etc.

We at MangaBento provide a place for artists to share ideas, create work, and learn new skills. We can introduce you to the basic tools and techniques used by artists, but it is up to you to develop and train yourself as an artist.

2017 Meetings and Events


Honolulu Museum of Art School
most 2nd & 4th Sundays, 1-4pm

Honolulu Museum of Art School Meetings

Feb 26 - Rm 102

Mar 12 Rm 200
Mar 26 Rm 201

Apr 7-9 Kawaiikon
Apr 26 Rm 102

Coming next Summer to the Honolulu Museum of Art School Mezzanine Gallery:

2017 Exhibit 
Jun 1-18

May  14, 21 1-4 General meeting and prep for exhibit Rm 202

May 28 10-4  Final preparation for exhibit and submissions for the exhibit Rm 202

June 1:  we will start installation most likely in the evening

June 11: Reception 2-4pm in the gallery, 1-4 to prep and meet before and after the reception Rm 202

June 18th 1-4 deinstall  Rm 202

June 25 meeting  Rm 202

2nd and 4th Sunday meetings are usually at:

Honolulu Museum of Art School (Honolulu Academy of Arts)

1111 Victoria Street

Past Events

Anime and Manga Themed Exhibit
Start creating!
Delivery of work: June 5, 2016
Opening Reception: June 12, 2016
Pick up work: June 25, 2016

Honolulu Festival 2016
March 12-13

Anime Matsuri

Hawaii Convention Center
November 27 - 29th

September 27 

Honolulu Fire Department Mural Painting

Exhibit summer 2015 

June 21 - 
July 12

On Feb 22 2015 
Manga artist Anno Moyoco will be visited the Honolulu Museum of Art!

 10:30 am in the Honolulu Museum of Art Doris Duke Theater with a book signing and a lecture. Copies of her manga Sakuran will be available for purchase in the theater at that time. 

From 1:00-2:00 pm, Ms. Anno will do a drawing demonstration in Room 200 of the Honolulu Museum of Art School.   

March 7-8  
Honolulu Festival
Hawaiʻi Convention Center
photo booth, coloring and cosplay.

Kawaiikon 2015 March 27-29
Oct 11, 2014 10:00am- 4:00pm
Anime Day at Windwardmall 
with Kawaiikon and Comic Jam Hawaii

2nd Annual HFD FPW Mural Painting Exhibition


August 17, 11am-3pm

Artist arrivals    9 a.m.

Painting time   10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Honolulu Museum of Art 
賞味 Showme Exhibit 2014

Mezzanine Gallery, Honolulu Museum of Art School

Mar 8-9 Honolulu Fest

April 4-6 Kawaiikon Artist Alley

May 4th JCCH Kodomonohi

Doraemon Exhibit Bishop Museum10am to 4pm on Feb 15th

90s Anime Art Exhibition!
Exhibition dates: August 2nd - 26th. Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday 3-6pm or by appointments

August 25 
Takutaku mini convention (Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha - Hawaii Dazaifu Tenmangu)
1239 Olomea Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
10 am - 4 pm

Summer Exhibit 2013 at 

Tomo-E-Ame 友絵あめFriends-Drawings-Candy

Opening Reception: 
Sunday, June 16, 2-5 pm
Saturday, May 18, 2013 10-11am
Recommended for ages 8+.
Saturday, April 20, 2013 2-3pm
Recommended for ages 8+.


250 Ward Ave., Suite 233
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
808-597-TREE (8733) 

Jan 13 at JCCH 

20th Annual New Year's 'Ohana Festival

Nov. 11 Sun 1–4pm
 $10 paid to instructor
no registration required, 
Rm 200
Manga Bento will provide a brief overview of creating or transferring drawings to a digital format, followed by coloring with layers. Recommended: portable computer with a drawing application (Photoshop, Open Canvas, or Sketchbook), Wacom or other digitizing tablet, sketchbook, drawings and drawing utensils.

HEX 2012

October 19-21, 2012 @ Aloha Tower

Manga Swap at JCCH

Saturday Sept 8 2012

We will have 2 tables, one for advertising (or whatever), one for drawing, and 4 easels to work on paintings. 

 Starts at 9am

Saturday August 4 2012

10 AM- 4 PM

Mangabento joins the Honolulu Printmakers for

PRINTBIG: From the Ground Up

Steamroller Printing

Honolulu Museum of Art School (Linekona Art Center)

Aug 8-25 

PrintBig Exhibition 

Mezzanine Gallery Honolulu Museum of Art School

Higashi Hongwanji Bon dance

 07/27/12 and 07/28/12- Friday and Saturday; 7pm

仲間ぼこ Nakamaboko

Working together

 June 11 to July 14, 2012

Honolulu Museum of Art School

Art After Dark

June 29 Mangabento Joins HEXXP at the Honolulu Art Museum 6-9 pm. We will be making some art and helping with a photo booth.

MangaBento Workshop: Coloring with Copics + Manga Mania 

May 06 

Meeting Times :
Sun 1–4pm

Sun 1–4pm / May 6 / $10 paid to instructor, no registration required /Rm 201

Yu Xian and the staff of MangaBento demo the use of Copic and other popular Japanese markers. These transparent Japanese markers offer a watercolor effect without the mess. Bring drawings and art supplies, including pens if you have them. The session continues with a communal manga-inspired art project to celebrate the opening of the manga exhibition Nakamaboko on June 12.

MangaBento: Old School Manga History + Drawing Workshop • 

May 27

Meeting Times :
Sun 1–4pm

Rm 201

May 27 / $10 paid to the instructor, no registration required

Professor Jayson Makoto Chun from UH-West Oahu joins MangaBento to discuss early manga and anime of the 1960s and 1970s. Learn more about the founding father of anime Tezuka Osamu. After the discussion, MangaBento will help you create your own manga. Some supplies provided; bring your sketchbook and drawing supplies.

Honolulu Festival

March 3 & 4

We will be at Kawaiikon's booth providing photo ops and art activities


March 16-18

Come and check out are table!Kawaii Kon

April 29- May 1

Mangabento Workshop:

Manga Dojo


 featuring Dennis Imoto, Jeff Kats and Jayson Chun

Sat May 14, 2011 10-4pm

$50 / Rm

Mangabento will be conducting a workshop on the creation of a manga and will go through the process of creating a short layout with you. Topics will include: layouts, inking, coloring, tones and the use of computers. Dennis Imoto will demo shodo (calligraphy) Guest speaker, Jeff Kats, will discus his creative process through his Soul Savior series. Jayson Chun, UH Professor, will discuss social issues influencing on Japanese Manga and the need for Hawaii's Manga artists to speak about their own experiences. Bring your sketchbook, portfolio and any in progress work you need help on. Xerox an inked drawing if you want to try coloring and or tones. Please bring a laptop if you wish to work digitally.

Honolulu Festival 2011 w Kawaiikon

Link to Honolulu Festivals with Kawaii Kon:

Linekona Art Center

Set up Jan 30-Feb 1

Viewing time Feb 2-Feb 19, 20-11

Opening Feb 5, 3-5 pm

The Floating World of Manga
Contemporary Museum Cafe
Kaimuki High School Library

Manga Mayhem

Thursday, July 15, 2010
10:00am - 4:00pm
The Contemporary Museum
2411 Makiki Heights Drive

An over the top manga drawing event for all ages at

The Contemporary Museum of Honolulu.

Manga Bento will have activities for kids of all ages, including being able to design your own anime character as well as the competitive “Art Champ” competition where contestants will have to draw a picture to a given theme within a time limit. Numerous art supplies will be provided and there will be prizes as well. Manga Bento will also put on a display of member artwork.

Local professional comic artists will be on hand for anyone interested in improving their artwork through talks and demonstrations on art techniques as well as advice on breaking out into the industry. Joining us is Midweek cartoonist and fine arts teacher Roy Chang, Star Advertiser cartoonist and children’s book illustrator Jon Murakami and author and illustrator of the online webcomic nemu*nemu Audra Furuichi.
Interested artists will be able to demo manga art supplies as well, from markers to pens and even computer graphics.

The galleries at The Contemporary Museum will also be open to the public on that day as well.


April 16-18, 2010

Manga Mania

Manga Bento Workshop at Linekona Art Center

Saturday, 4/24/2010, 9am-4pm

Mangabento at the Kaimuki Craft Air 08.

A tea ceremony during new years festivities at JCCH. 

The gauntlet has been thrown! Here are the first entries to the 08 Exhibit submitted by Leslie from St. Louis, Missouri!


Bento relaxing at the Kon with Kamen Rider. Hongo seems a bit agitated.



Getting Ready for the Kon

Art After Dark at the Academy of Arts


Bari Bari 13 rock-a0-billy'd the house. The otaku's were out numbered 10 to 1 by normal people. Mangabento dominated with 29 Palms, Moosubi, Chibi

kaen, and Haru decorating the walls while Kitsune took first in the Cosplay, Sakura took second in a different category to Sephi's first. Sakura bailed early and lost her prize! 

Got the bands autograph and CD for a buck! It even has a set of custom guitar picks in the package.




My son in my paper mache Kikaida mask a couple years ago. He was featured here:  Advertiser: Clever Costumes

 Jiro and Mari from Kikaida and Kikaida 01 at the 2002 Kikaida Fest at the Japanese Cultural Center.

Photos from Japan by Robocon



Mangabento at Kawaii Kon 2007:

Ayumi, our founder. Drawing becomes a spectator sport when she is around. 

More from Kawaii Kon 07


Images from the Honolulu Basho. 

Robocon's images from the Grand Sumo Tournement.


 Denver Colorado Budhist Temple Bon Dance.


New Images of Sumi and Bento by Ayumi, our founder.