Manuela Ferreira Magalhães
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Alicante, Spain
(PhD Warwick University, UK)

Telf:+34 65 90 3400 (Ext.3263)

Research Interests:
Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Skill-Biased Technology Change, Inequality and Numerical Methods.

  • Óscar Afonso & Ana M. Bandeira & Manuela Magalhães,  "Labour-market institutions, (un)employment, wages and growth: theory and data",  Applied Economics,  Published online: 12 Jun 2017.  Doi10.1080/00036846.2017.1332748 ( JCR 2016: 0.648 Q3)
  • Manuela Magalhães & Óscar Afonso, "A multi-sector growth model with technology diffusion and networks",   Research Policy, Published online 21 Jun 2017. Doi: (JCR 2016: 4.495 Q1)
  • Óscar Afonso & Ana M. Bandeira & Manuela Magalhães,   "Effect of the tax system on R&D intensity, growth, wages and consumption share", forthcoming in Australian Economic Papers. (JCR 2016: 0.294 Q4)
  • Manuela Magalhães & Christian Hellstrom, "Technological Diffusion and Its Effects on Social Inequalities",   Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 37, September 2013, Pages 299-313. Doi: 10.1016/j.jmacro.2013.05.008  (JCR2016: 0.791 Q3)
Working Papers:
  • Market and wage inequality: a directed technical change approach, with Tiago Sequeira and Óscar Afonso. (submitted)
  • Directed technological change and intellectual property rights, with Óscar. Afonso. (submitted)
  • The US inter-sector network dynamics and its effects on technology adoption. (submitted)
  • Redistribution in Periods of Technology Diffusion, with Tiago Sequeira (submitted)
  • Climate Change and Economic Growth: an appropriate method for a global phenomenon, with Marcelo Santos and Tiago Sequeira. (submitted)
  • How powerful are network effects? A skill-biased technological change approach, with Oscar Afonso. (submitted)
  • Directed technical Change and Environmental Quality, with O. Afonso, L. Fonseca and P. Vasconcelos. (submitted)
  • How crucial are worldwide firms for competitiveness and wages? A Directed Technical Change Approach, with Oscar Afonso. (coming soon)
  • Long-run sustainability in the green Solow Model, with Maria D. Guillo (UA). (in progress)
  • Efficiency and Shadow Pricing in the presence of bad outputs: A multi-sector analysis, with Silva, E. (UP) (coming soon)
  • Education subsidy effects on directed technological change bias, with O. Afonso and P. Vasconcelos (in-progress)
  • Effects of Technology Progress and Knowledge Dynamics on the Diffusion of a Skill-Biased Technology.
  • Diffusion of a Skill-Biased Technology in a Multi-Sector Growth Model. (in progress)


Older Working Papers:
  • A Panel Analysis of the FDI Impact on Trade, with Africano, A., FEP working paper 235. [cited by: 16]
  • FDI and Trade in Portugal, with Africano, A., FEP working paper 174. [cited by: 33]


Current Teaching:
  • Macroeconomia Intermedia

    Int. a la  Macroeconomia