Welcome to the homepage of Mike Manefield's environmental microbiology research team. Mike is an Associate Professor in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. He is also the Director of commercial spin-off Micronovo Pty Ltd, Chief Scientist for Biogas Energy Pty Ltd, Director of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS Inc) and author of a series of early readers introducing children to microbiology (The Microverse Series). Mike is currently an August Willhlem Scheer Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. The team manages three main research portfolios in chlorinated solvent bioremediation, anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation and microbial aggregate formation and is supported financially by government and industry bodies.



Group News!!!


Congratulations Onder on your recent JMM publication. 28.9.15

Adjunct A/Prof Federico Lauro wins the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award! 27.9.15

Manefield AISRF EoI selected as UNSW's sole application. 27.9.15 

Congratulations Mike for surviving Oktoberfest. 25.9.15

The group welcomes PhD candidate Miriam Kronen. 3.9.15

The group welcomes mid year honours candidate Emile Athaide. 3.9.15

Congrats Matt for your publication in Microbiology Australia. 3.9.15

Congratulations Vince Gillies on picking up a job in contaminated land consultancy before completion of honours. New record! 13.8.15

Congratulations to Sabrina Beckmann selected as a Fresh Scientist NSW 2015 winner! 12.8.15

Congratulations Michael Klas and Sabrina Beckmann on acceptance of their review in Space Policy! 5.8.15

Matthew Lee assumes acting Group Leader position in the Manefield group. 4.8.15

Mike takes up Visiting Professorship at the Technical University Munich (Aug-Dec 2015) 4.8.15

Well done Farzana Kastury for acceptance of your paper in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. 31.7.15

Congrats Bat, Matt, Haluk and Chris on acceptance of your Trends in Biotechnology review. 23.7.15

Well done everyone involved in ASM Canberra 2015. 23.7.15

Party at Grant Reserve Coogee 3 pm Sunday the 19th July. All welcome. Bring supplies. 7.7.15

Congratulations Valentina on submission of your PhD thesis. It's party time! 3.7.15

Congrats Valentina Wong for picking up 2nd place (USD$5K) in Golder Foundation Awards. 22.6.15

Sophie Holland and Farzana Kastury awarded university medals at graduation ceremony. 11.6.15

Mike picks up August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professorship at TUM, Germany. 17.5.15

Congrats Matt for attracting media attention for the ES&T paper. 13.5.15

Congrats Ricardo on publishing your dehalogenation bioreactor book chapter. 25.4.15

Congrats Valentina on being listed as a finalist for the Golder Prize. 23.4.15

Thanks everyone but especially Jo for your efforts on the Work Cover site visit. 23.4.15

Cheers Josh and Dora for the tour of the Caltex Refinery at Kurnell. 22.4.15

The group welcomes volunteer practicum student Xuly Labarrere. 8.4.15

BABS paper of the month goes to Matt Lee and co for ES&T paper. 14.3.15

BABS Jackson Prize for Microbiology goes to Sophie Holland!!! Ceremony BIBSpace 10:30 am 9th April. 3.3.15

Congratulations Matt Lee, Eliza Wells, Lorenz Adrian and Hans Richnow for acceptance of the ZVI v chlorinated methanes study. 13.3.15

Congrats Farzana Kastury for picking up the UNSW University Medal. Both hons students from the group last year. 13.3.15

The group welcomes honours student Vincent Gilles. 10.3.15

Congratulations Das and co-authors for winning BABS Paper of the Month for the Nature Scientific Reports article. 10.3.15

Thanks UNSW resident artist Tamara Dean and Matt, Rob and Sabrina for the funnest photo shoot we've ever done. 6.3.15

Congratulations Liza Kretzschmar for publication of your honours project in AIMS Environmental Science. 3.3.15

Thanks to everyone for making the JAMS Annual Symposium an afternoon and evening to remember. Spectacular! 27.2.15

JAMS T-shirts available. Contact manefield@unsw.edu.au. 27.2.15

Well done Thomas Jeffries on the awesome JAMS TOAST community analysis workshop. 25.2.15

Only ten days to go until the JAMS Symposium and Dinner. Spread the word. Buy a T-shirt with Mon Yee Oo's artwork. 13.2.15

Congrats Matt, Chris, Lorenz and Mike for extension of the HCB Linkage, thanks to James Stening and Bill Crowe from Orica. 10.2.15

Registration for the JAMS Annual Symposium and Workshop are now open. Register at www.jams.org.au. 1.2.15

Congratulations to Sophie Holland for picking up the UNSW University Medal under Matthew Lee's co-supervision. 26.1.15

JAMS workshop and symposium coming soon. Keep an eye on the JAMS website for registration options. 19.1.15

The group welcomes visiting scholar Deirdre Mikkelsen from the University of Queensland for SIP and qPCR training. 13.1.15

The group welcomes visiting and adjunct professorial staff Haluk Ertan and Federico Lauro. 16.1.15

Congratulations to Das, Amaye and Co. for acceptance of the DNA-Pyocyanin story in Nature Scientific Reports. 14.1.15

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Dr Mike Manefield, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. 2052.
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