Welcome to the homepage of Mike Manefield's environmental microbiology research team. Mike holds a joint Associate Professor appointment in the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of New South Wales (UNSW). He is also Director of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS Inc) and former August Willhelm Scheer Visiting Professor at the Technical University of Munich in Germany and ARC FT2 Future Fellow at UNSW Australia. The team manages research portfolios in chlorinated solvent bioremediation and biogenic methane production and is supported financially by government and industry bodies.


Group News!!!


We welcome Peter Gostomski and Louise Weaver and students over the ditch from University of Canterbury, NZ. 6.6.17

Great to have food waste digestion facility staff from Earthpower with us for some microscopy training. 5.6.17

Thanks CVEN4050/4002 students for a great semester and for the glowing testimonials! 29.5.17

"In Michael's groundwater remediation class, you learn to piece together a plan to solve a real problem in the real world using real data. It's great to be able to hear from real engineers and have a fieldtrip to the site. I'd highly recommend this course to any student who wants to work on an engineering solution"

The group farewells international practicum student Sofia Correa. Best wishes for future endeavours. 26.5.17

Thanks Stuart Taylor for the tour of your submerged sediments sampling equipment for the NSW Environment Trust. 28.4.17

Thanks Ron Lakin for a fun day playing with domestic scale anaerobic digesters in Brisbane. 21.4.17

I will rise like the break of dawn. I am one with the wind and sky. 19.4.17

The group welcomes A/Prof Akifumi Hosoda san from Japan on sabbatical for one year! 18.4.17

Article by Matt and myself on bioremediation in Australia in ALGA magazine Cronicle. 12.4.17

Awesome write-up on JAMS Annual Symposium by Carly Rosewarne on NPJ website. 12.4.17

Jobs available in UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. 11.4.17

Congrats Mac on acceptance of the manuscript describing the neutral neutral red crystal polymorph! 11.4.17

Novorem Pty Ltd website goes live! Congratulations to all involved and good luck with the venture! 10.4.17

Click here for more great NYT press coverage of Jay Bevington's escapades on the HISEAS. 6.4.17

Planning underway for MMARS2 mission sending methanogens to the international space station. Awesome! 3.4.17

Congratulations Amaye Ibugo on submission of your MSc thesis! Celebratory lunch midday 13th April at White House. 31.3.17

Check out cool article on the group joining UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. 30.3.17

Matt Lee presents his work on organohalide respiring bacteria at Dehalocon in Leipzig, Germany amongst friends and luminaries of the field Loeffler, Edwards, Adrian, Schink, Vuilleumier. 29.3.17

Congratulations Thy on submission of your PhD thesis. Fingers crossed for great reviews. 28.3.17

Another JAMS Annual Symposium. More micro madness for the history books. 23.3.17

The fondest of Farewell's to Ahn Thy who heads back to Vietnam after four years with the group. We'll miss you! 17.3.17

Congratulations Matt, Haluk and Ricardo on publication of the tetrachlorobenzene respiring Dehalobacter discovery! 17.3.17

Media coverage of Jay Bevington's NASA HI-SEAS Mars mission simulation. 13.3.17

JAMS symposium and workshop registration closing in the next few hours! 12.3.17

Thanks all for an awesome camping weekend at Ingar. 12.3.17

Congratulations Emile and thanks for the testimonial. Another satisfied customer. 6.3.17

Hi Mike, I got the job and start next week.
The manager told me they really liked the fact that I had experience in both Chemistry and Microbiology.
I don't think I would have that skill set if I done my honours in another lab.
Thanks again for your help.

Emile Athaide

Congrats Brittney Phillips for winning the ASM Vic Branch Award! 23.2.17

JAMS Annual Symposium and Bioinformatics Workshop registrations now open!!! 20.2.17

The group welcomes SCIF student Emma Ronca. 15.2.17

Never let someone ask you if you think you are some kind of maverick as if it were a bad thing. Especially by an academic. Academics are mavericks by definition. 3.2.17

Great to be back with JAMS at Harpoon Harry's. 31.1.17

Awesome work by James Bevington on video presentation to JAMS. 31.1.17

The group welcomes Simrita Cheema from TERI, Delhi for one year on the AISRF grant. 30.1.17

The group welcomes Brittney Phillips for a PhD adventure on bioelectrochemistry and biogas production. 27.1.17

The group welcomes summer interns Maddie Wainwright and Clare Gorman. 20.1.17

The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. 16.1.17

The group welcomes Ms Sofia Correa as a visiting intern from ENS Lyon in France. 12.1.17

Good luck Jay on the 8 month NASA HI-SEAS mission to Hawaii. 9.1.17

The group formally welcomes James (Jay) Bevington as a PhD student.

Welcome back everyone. Now we have to top 2016. Game on! 9.1.17

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