Welcome to the homepage of Mike Manefield's environmental microbiology research team. Mike is an Associate Professor in the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, Australia. He is Director of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS Inc). Mike returned from an August Willhlem Scheer Visiting Professorship at the Technical University of Munich in Germany to UNSW at the beginning of 2016. The team manages three main research portfolios in chlorinated solvent bioremediation, anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation and microbial aggregate formation and is supported financially by government and industry bodies.


Massive thanks to Stephane Vuilleumier and Victoria Orphan for organising the GRC on C1 metabolism. Spot the luminaries. Full points if you can find Rolf Thauer, Huub Op Den Camp, Harold Drake, Joseph Krzycki, Michael Wagner, Collin Murrell and Alfred Spormann. 

Group News!!!


The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it. 16.1.17

The group welcomes Ms Sophia Correa as a visiting intern from ENS Lyon in France. 12.1.17

Good luck Jay on the 8 month NASA HI-SEAS mission to Hawaii. 9.1.17

The group formally welcomes James (Jay) Bevington as a PhD student.

Welcome back everyone. Now we have to top 2016. Game on! 9.1.17


Have a great break everyone. What an awesome year!

Congrats Ricardo, Haluk and Matt on the new Dehalobacter genome announcement. 17.12.16

Thanks to Dr Simrita Cheema who visited this week from The Energy end Resources Institute in Delhi India on the AISRF grant. 16.12.16

Well done Mackenzie Labine-Romain in your honours thesis interview. One of the best honours students we've seen! Enjoy the down time. haha. 9.12.16

Thanks to the great undergrad students who shared the labs with us this week. We hope you had a good time and learned a lot of new things. Thanks to Sabrina Beckmann for coordinating and demonstrating, Onder Kimyon for demonstrating and Jay, Mac and Sophie for helping out. You people are inspirational. 9.12.16

Sabrina Beckmann and our collaboration with Bryce Kelly spotlighted in this article from the Cotton R&D Corporation. 5.12.16

Congrats Mac on submission of your honours thesis. 5.12.16

The group farewells Anancy Huizhi Hu. Thanks for visiting our lab. 5.12.16

It's party time! Excellent!!! 2.12.16

Congratulations to Tammy Sihui Tang for submission of your PhD thesis! 14.11.16

Thanks UTS and NSW EPA for the opportunity to present our bioremediation work at the CSARM Short Course. 11.11.16

Congratulations Nethra on completing your MSc! 9.11.16

Thanks to Ron Lakin from Biobowser in Brisbane for demonstrating the portable biogas digestor. 8.11.16

Summer party at Mike's house 3 pm til late Friday 2nd December. 7.11.16

Congrats all for success with the NSW Environment Trust grant on dioxin biodegradation. 2.11.16

Welcome back Amaye from your walkabout. 1.11.16

Thanks to the organisers of the National Institute for Biological Resources Annual Symposium in Korea. 11.10.16

Congrats Morten Hentzer on your quorum sensing inhibition paper hitting 1000 citations. 7.10.16

Congratulations Sabrina on being awarded the Theo Murphy travel grant for the Microbiome Conference end November in Adelaide. 29.9.16

Thanks to the Munich Readery and the crowd that turned up for the 'At home on planet Earth' fundraiser tonight. Microverse books went down a treat. 24.9.16

Congrats Mac on a great job with your honours presentation and thanks for doing the same for JAMS Inc this month. 23.9.16

Mike says, always try to have more than one reason for doing anything. 21.9.16

Mike returns to TUM, Germany to work with Jorg Drewes, Konrad Koch, Uwe Hubner and Bastian Herzog. 19.9.16

Check out amazing media response to our biogas work. 6.9.16

From my garden in spring with love. 6.9.16

Congrats to Aravind Ramachandran for submitting his PhD thesis. Hip hip hooooraaaay!!!!! 5.9.16

Happy ISME week everyone! No JAMS this month. 24.8.16

Congratulations Onder and co on acceptance of the NAG QS inhibition paper. 10.8.16

EES neutral red study wins Mark Wainwright Analytical Facility paper of the month! 9.8.16

Congrats Ricardo for being recommended for the award of a PhD from UNSW. 30.7.16 

Congratulations to Onder for great PhD thesis reviews! 26.7.16

The group welcomes new PhD student Iris Hu. 24.7.16

Congratulations Mike on publishing over 100 peer reviewed scientific papers and book chapters! 20.6.16

Congrats Matt, Bat, Haluk, Chris and Valentina for acceptance of the Dehalobacter proteomics paper in Environmental Microbiology Reports. 20.6.16

Congrats to everyone who helped out on the Intro Micro course. Student satisfaction is through the roof! 18.6.16

Great article from the UNSW newsroom about Sabrina's biogas work. Check out http://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/science-tech/seeing-red. 17.6.16

Well done Das and Amaye on publication of your book chapter in Microbial Biofilms. 15.6.2016

Congrats Malu and Sabrina on acceptance of the high temp acetotrophic methanogenesis manuscript with Damien Batstone at UQ. 12.6.2016

Well done Charlotte and Sabrina on your recent publication in Environmental Earth Sciences. 5.6.2016

Congrats Ricardo on your excellent thesis reviews. 10.6.2016

Congrats Onder on publication of your prodigiosin work in Frontiers in Microbiology. 7.6.2016

Check out this short article from University of Southern Denmark on Yee Mon Oo and the Microverse books! 6.6.2016 

Let's celebrate Onder and Ricardo's thesis submissions at BABS happy hour this Friday. 21.4.2016

Congratulations Ricardo Guzman on submission of your thesis! 21.4.2016

Congratulations Onder Kimyon on submission of your thesis! 21.4.2016

Manefield group scores AUD$1,212,000 in AISRF funding for enhanced biogas work! 31.3.2016

Neutral red crystal article hits top 5% of all scientific articles in Altmetrics ratings. Eight news stories and counting. 23.3.2016

The group welcomes Amelia-Elena Rotaru, interspecies electron transfer guru from University of Southern Denmark for a short visit. 18.3.16

Thanks to everyone who made the 5th Annual JAMS Symposium a magical success. Best afternoon of microbiology I've ever been treated to. 17.3.16

Congrats Onder Kimyon for contribution to recent paper OCB paper on AHL mimicry. 12.3.2016

Top job Matt Lee and Valentina Wong for acceptance of the CF degrading Dehalobacter paper in Environmental Microbiology. 1.2.2016

Sabrina Beckmann hits the big time with an article on neutral red enhanced biogas production in the #1 Journal of German Farmers! 1.2.2016

Congratulations Sabrina on your ENGE cave paper! 21.2.2016

UNSW Newsroom Media Release on neutral red crystals causes twitter storm! 17.2.2016

Congrats Matt on the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology article. 15.2.2016

Top job Bat, Matt, Chris and Haluk on the Frontiers in Bioremediation article. 15.2.2016

Congratulations to Sabrina Beckmann and coworkers for the neutral red study in EES that scored BABS paper of the month! 9.2.2016

Tyson, Rotaru, Schembri, Mcdougald and Zeher headline the 5th Annual JAMS Symposium. 9.2.2016 

Torsten Seeman teams up with Thomas Jeffries to host the JAMS Workshop 14/15 March 2016 at the Australian Museum. www.jams.org.au for registration. 9.2.2016

Registration for the JAMS Workshop and Annual Symposium now open. Great speaker line-up! 9.2.2016

The group welcomes summer students Jordan Lovegrove and Shyam Bhagvata. 9.2.2016

The group welcomes Sophie Holland back into the fold for a PhD! 9.2.2016

The group welcomes visiting PhD student Huizhi Hu from Harbin Institute of Technology, China 20.1.2016

Congratulations to Joanna Koenig for her recent publication in J Haz Mat on nanoscale ZVI and ORB. 16.1.2016 

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