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I have been making oboe reeds for about 5 years. During that time, I have managed to fine-tune my reed- making skills,  and I have begun selling those reeds to students and members of the community who are in need of quality oboe reeds.  

It is important to buy handmade reeds because most reeds that you buy in music stores have been made in factories with mass-production machines. This means that the quality of the reed is not very high and the potential life of the reed is shortened. Handmade reeds are made individually over the course of days so that the wood has time to settle and the reed is shaped more finely into something that produces a better tone and lasts longer. 

Because you can get them from me personally, you pay no shipping! Simply pick them up from me! Another "plus" is your ability to try out your oboe reed before leaving so that I can shape it to your specifications!

If you are a visitor to this site from out of town, please contact me to discuss shipping options.

All reeds are $15 each! (That's cheaper than many store-bought reeds!)