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Class Schedule

February 4th (Monday)
The Scientific Method... Notes, Pennies, and Skittles.
February 5th (Tuesday)
The Scientific Method pt 2... Parts sort and The Mystery Powder

February 6th (Wednesday)
Safety, Measurement, and Scientific Method Quiz

February 7th (Thursday)
Properties and Needs of Living Things

February 8th (Friday)
Microscopes, Cell Theory, and Using a Microscope

February 11th (Monday)
Intro to cells, Microscope Timeline

February 12th (Tuesday)
Amusement Park Cells Launch
Organelle Research

February 13th (Wednesday)
Cells/ Microscope Review Quiz
Organelle Research 

February 14th (Thursday)
(Chemicals in the cell)
Amusement Park Project

February 15th (Friday)
(What's in your food?)
Amusement Park Project

February 18th (Monday)
No school!

February 19th (Tuesday)
Organelles Quiz
Amusement Park Project Wrap-up

February 20th (Wednesday)
Types of Transport, Gummy Bear Lab Set-up

February 21st (Thursday)
Cell Cycle Foldable

February 22nd (Friday)
Gummy Bear Conclusion
Study Guide

February 25th(Monday)
Plant, Animal, and Bacterial Cells
Study Guide
Febuary 26th (Tuesday)
Review, Review, Review

February 27th (Wednesday)
Cells & Cells Processes Test 
Extra Credit Essays, Current Events

February 28th (Thursday)
Reviewing Cell Cycle, Mitosis, & Meiosis

March 1st (Friday)
DNA Replication & The Double Helix

Mrs. Andria's Rules
1.)  Be Respectful
2.)  Be Honest
3.)  Be Responsible
4.)  Be Prepared

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Functions and Possible Park Parts...

Current Websites!!

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Remember to check with me about re-dos on classwork assignments, labs, and quizzes!!  Science is a process!  

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Amoeba Sisters youtube videos!

Life in the Marsh - pg 2

Fossil Wall Research Sites

Animals Project Sites

     Has very good info for each phyla

    Has good activities & info

    Can only watch part but very good

    info on specific classes

    Info on specific classes

Echinoderms - wordy

Medline Plus (Search for yours)

Click on each - single gene disorders, chromosomal abnormalities, and multifactorial disorders to find our disorders listed

Kids Health (Search for them)

Wikipedia (as a last resort)?

Extra Credit for Quizzes
Wild Kratts is a tv show on PBS that highlights one or two special animals an episode.  (My sons watch it every weekday at 5pm.)  Watch an episode, and write down the following information; date of episode, animal name, and ten good facts about that animal (or ten things you learned from that episode), in sentence form.  You can earn up to 10 bonus points on a quiz for each episode you watch!  (You cannot push any quiz grade above a 100%.)  We study animals all 3rd 9-weeks!  Enjoy and remember - I'm watching these episodes too, so don't just google random animals!

Don't pay attention to this stuff… hahaha.

Body Systems pages to help you?
    Inner Body


Helpful vs. Harmful Insects

     Click on Helpful Insects

     Click on Centipedes,
      then click House Centipedes



Cell Games - extra (If you get them all right on one try, Mrs. Andria will give you +5)


     (yes, ok the pdf)

Pick at least three tutorials to explore.  Click through and read!  :-)