Social Cognition Lab

Social Cognition Lab

Welcome to the Social Cognition Laboratory at Fairfield University! Our research takes an integrative approach to understanding human social relations, combining research traditions in personality, social, and developmental psychology focused on understanding the bases of prejudice and hostility with those focused on understanding the positive potentialities of human beings. My current research explores the impact of psychological processes on a variety of human experiences including moral thought and emotion, intergroup relations, personal and social identity, and social explanatory processes.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Research experience is a valuable addition to your resume or CV, and reference letters from university faculty are an important component of job and grad/professional school applications. Dr. Andreychik is regularly looking for talented undergraduates to work on lab projects for pay, course credit and/or on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in working in the lab, please contact Dr. Andreychik.

Current Students

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