Mandolin Chord Chart Pdf

    chord chart
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  • 1. Fingering chart for chord-playing instruments, such as guitar; 2. A song-sheet (see Lead Sheet ) showing the chords to a popular song; may show melody line, rarely bass line. Not usually found in classical music.
  • A diagram which shows a chord progression.
  • a stringed instrument related to the lute, usually played with a plectrum
  • A mandolin (mandolino) is a musical instrument in the lute family (plucked, or strummed). It descends from the mandore, a soprano member of the lute family.
  • A musical instrument resembling a lute, having paired metal strings plucked with a plectrum. It is played with a characteristic tremolo on long sustained notes
  • A mandoline is a cooking utensil used for slicing and for cutting juliennes; with proper attachments, it can make crinkle-cuts. It consists of two parallel working surfaces, one of which can be adjusted in height.
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mandolin chord chart pdf
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Chord Charts
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Chord chart
Chord chart
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mandolin chord chart pdf