It is quoted that, after Silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is Music. Music is a Moral Law. It gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination, and Charm and Gaiety to Life and to everything for a total transformation. 

With that above driving energetic spirit, he got inspired towards learning Carnatic Music during his school days under the guidance of Late Smt.Saraswati. Later he was enthused towards plucking instruments like Guitar and Mandolin. He united himself with the Music School "Shrinivas Institute of World Musique in year1993.

After mesmerizing Guidance and Support from his Guru Mandolin Shri U Shrinivas, he performed his first concert in Thiruvayaru on the "Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival Day" in the year 2001. Subsequently, he had opportunities to present several concerts in Sabhas and Temples. One such performance is at Sri Sundara Anjaneya Temple in Kalkere, Karnataka in the presence of Sri Muralidhara Swami. He also had an occasion to delight the audience of "Virtusa" during their Navarathri Festival and "Virtusa Orchestra" in year 2006 and another chance to perform at Vijay TV's "Sangeetha Sangamam" Program.

Dream Comes True

His Guru started giving him opportunities to accompany him in his Concerts. 

A surprise and great mile stone in his life was when he accompanied his Guru Mandolin U Shrinivas at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple.

Again during Navaratri festival, he had a memorable day when he accompanied his guru in back to back concerts at Sankara Mutt and Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Temple.

 Award: Received the "Music Critic Mr.K.S. Mahadevan Endowment Award for Playing Carnatic Music in Foreign Instrument" from Narada Gana Sabha in Dec 2009. 

Music was not Balaji's only talent. He was also a Professional Software Engineer and had his own Software Company. "The Hindu" also captured his professional glowing, in both the fields. 

Between his work, he played in several temples, functions and sabhas.

Although he could have pursued his software profession, he chose to travel a different path; one which eventually led him to share his musical talent with the world. After 14 years in tech industry, he decided to give music 100% of his effort for one year.

He needed to better understand the driving artistic forces that had been such a large part of his childhood years. It was during this year that he chose to make music his vocation.

His weekends are devoted to attending Music Classes, Concerts and Teaching Students coming from different places and culture. Thus, he is exploring to establish some sort of divine relationship with Music that is beyond his life, under the auspicious guidance of his Guru Padmashri Mandolin U Shrinivas.