Management Joke


>A man goes to a departmental store for a job of salesman. He is asked
> >about his Qualifications. "Qualifications!!! None, but I am a good sales
> >man just try me for a week."
> >
> >"Ok" said the manager. Well in a week he doubled the sale of the store,
>wonder everybody was pleased. When the owner heard of it he came to award
>the man.
> >
> >At that moment he was selling a fishing rod to a person "sir, this rod
> >is only for $25."
> >
> >"Ok, give me one." said the customer "but sir when u go for fishing you
> >shall be requiring a new pair of shoes."
> >
> >"Ok, give me one." "But, sir you will be requiring a sola hat also for
> >the sun."
> >
> >"Ok, give me one." " But, sir u will also feel hungry, can I pack some
> >snacks and drinks."
> >
> >"Ok, pack it." the owner was too pleased to see all this. He patted him,
> >"whatever I heard about u was true. You are really wonderful he only
> >came for a fishing rod and you sold him all the things".
> >
> >"What! Fishing rod, no sir he came to buy sanitary napkins for his wife.
> >I only told him what will u do for those 5 days.......u better be