Enjoy Sardar again 

> >An Indian lady ,NRI( Non-Resident Indian) returned from US to India >

and is window shopping in Delhi. Suddenly she realizes she is late >

for an appointment. She is not wearing a watch so she sees a >small shop on the roadside, goes to the shop and asks in very >American accent to the Sardar owner..What's the time? >

The Sardar is a very patriotic man and hates desis/Indians with a >foreign accent while speaking replies back in the same accent - >Bra-panties!! 

>Confused the lady asks again. No! No! What is the time? >The sardar again answers back.. Bra-panties! Bra-panties! >Seeing the confusion going between the two, another Sardar 

>comes to the rescue of the lady, and says....O papaji tusi samajh >nahin paaye!! Kudi twadey kol time puuch rahii hai-jee!! >The angry Sardar shot back at him..To main bhi ta oonuu time hee >daas rehan ya "barah pantis" (12:35)