How to familiarise your kids with doctors


Does your child make a fuss when you take them to the doctors? Most small children won't let doctors examine them, and this can be stressful for everyone. Find out how to get your child more used to the idea!


  1. There are some children's books about children going to the doctors, that reassure them that there is nothing to worry about, but in a more kid friendly way! Buy them a book with cartoons or lots of pictures in and they will be less worried!
  2. Buy them a doctors set! You can get these in most toy shops, that include plastic stethoscopes, thermometers, tweezers and other things. Get your child to play with it and pretend he/she is the doctor. Let them 'examine' you, and practise on dolls or stuffed toys.
  3. Get them more used to the idea of the doctors by taking them along if you go for a check up. Go when they don't need to be examined, and let them see that there is nothing wrong!
  4. When you take them to the doctors, promise them a treat if they are good! Offer them sweets or small toys if they don't make a fuss! And if they are well behaved, live up to your promise. Then your child will start to like the idea of going to the doctors!