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PowerPoint Game


My WebQuest is called "The Beach House".  The students play the role of an adult that has just bought a beach house with a promotion they got at work.  They have $50,000 to spend to remodel four rooms of the beach house.  They must research the town that the house is located in, create a brochure, create graphs showing the percentage of money spent on each room, determine the milage they must travel to reach the beach house, and provide a list showing the cost of each item they bought for the rooms.  The students work in groups to make decisons and they are on their own to research and locate prices.  This lesson is intended to teach middle school math students (6th grade) how to create graphs, how to work with percents, how to calculate milage, and how to calculate area (for the flooring).  It also teaches students how to budget money and make priorities.