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CapStone Project 


I used Word to develop several tools that I can use in the classroom.  I created a brochure, business cards, an adward, and a certificate.  The brochure will be handed out at Open House to give the parents an overview of me, my grading system, and my classroom policies.  I will also hand out the business cards at the Open House so parents have a way to contact me.  The certificates will be used later in the year for adwards.  I learned how to use WordArt and how to make brochures.  I had used Word many times to type basic papers, but never for these activities.

Using Excel, I created an attendance and grade record.  This shows attendance for all students and grades for all current assignments.  I will be able to use this throughout the year and make changes or updates as needed.  I also created a pictograph using Excel.  I created a chart of the students favorite vacation spot and then made a pictograph from the data collected.  I learned how to use Excel to create this type of chart because I was only familiar with bar graphs.  This tool will be great to use to show students how to collect data, interpret data, and draw conclusions from data in a fun way.

I used Powerpoint to create a calendar for August.  This will give students and their parents an idea of upcoming events. 




I also created a seating chart that can be given to substitutes.  I had previously only used PowerPoint to create slide shows.  I was excited to see that it could do so much more.  The calendars would be a great thing to do every month to provide the parents with an update of events. 






                                                                                                                        Using a worksheet generator from, I was able to create a multiplication worksheet that I can hand out on the first day of class.  It reviews basic multiplication in order to refresh the students after summer break.  Since we will be learning more about multiplication, I thought this worksheet would be helpful to see the abilities of each student. 


I found three lesson plans to show the use of the tools I learned about in the classroom.  The first lesson plan is called Candy is Dandy.  In this lesson plan, the students determine the number of each color M&M's in a bag.  They then use Excel to put this information in a chart.  They can also create graphs in Excel using the information.  The students are able to collect data, interpret data, and make conclusions (M6D1).  In Excel, the students learn to enter the data into charts and then create any type of graph to show the number of each color M&M's.  The second lesson plan that uses the tools is called Three Squirrels and a Pile of Nuts.  In this lesson, the students are given a word problem and they need to solve for the unknowns (M6A3).  The students can work in teams to create an Excel worksheet that uses equations to solve for the unknown variables.  Once they have the equations, they can try different values until they solve the problem.  The students can also use Word in the lesson because they can then create their own example of a word problem and have other classmates solve it.  The third lesson is called Just Desserts.  Students learn to use Word to write letters to ask people in the community for their favorite receipes.  Once the responses come back, the students can create an Excel chart showing the types of desserts that people like best.  From this data, the students can create various types of graphs in order to interpret their results (M6D1).  Even though it doesn't pertain to math, students could then create a receipe book using Word or even a PowerPoint presentation showing various receipes or some of the charts they created (M6P4).  Another subject teacher might be able to work with me on this project so students could see how math and english tie together in a real life example.  From these lesson plans, it is obvious that students can use Excel, Word, and sometimes even PowerPoint in math.  Students are able to learn real life examples of how data is collected and then analyzed.  Using Word and Excel should make learning more interesting for students because they can learn through hands on experiences.