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My Power Point game is called "The Mummy's Curse".  You play the role of an explorer looking to find the hidden treasure of an ancient Pharaoh.  In order to succeed, you must answer mathmatical questions along the way.  These questions test your knowledge of volume, area, and other related math topics.  If you answer the questions correctly, you will continue to move toward the treasure.  If you answer incorrectly, you will have become farther away from the treasure.  There are also Curse Questions along the way that are harder than the normal questions.  These questions are more dangerous because they have a higher penalty for getting them wrong!  The questions asked thoughout the game will help you answer the final question that determins if you get the treasure or not.  It is much more detailed than any of the previous questions and requires a good understanding of the topic.


I made this game for 6th grade math students.  This game is intended to teach standard M6M3.  In this standard, students learn how to determine the volume of rectangluar prisms, cylinders, cones, and pyramids.  This game teaches the correct formulas to use, how to identify the shapes of the figures, how to solve the equations when you know certain varaibles, and how to solve word problems.  Determining area of some figures is also reviewed in this lesson along with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions with unlike denominators.  To use this game, teachers should introduce the topic of volume and show a few examples of computing volume.  Then, the students can teach themselves by playing a fun game that incorporates everything from this lesson.  The game not only helps students learn the basic formulas, it has several problems that involve calculations.  Some are easy and some are more complex.  The final question forces students to have a clear understanding of the topic and they must have been paying attention during the game.  I would use this game to teach volume and then again later in the year as a way to review for a final exam.  The game could also be used as a review before a test if a teacher had decided to teach the lesson in another way.  Some might even use the game as a test.  Even though the game board wouldn't be useful in giving the test, the questions could serve as the test if each student answered them individualy.