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My lesson plan is for my Inspiration project.  You can view my lesson plan here.  This lesson plan was developed to teach students how to multiply and divide fractions.  In the first part of the project, the students are viewing pictures of fractions in the real world.  Next, students are viewing a flowchart that I created in Inspiration showing detailed steps involved in multiplying and dividing.  The third step is testing their understanding with homework problems and then a final test.  Through all of this lesson, students will be encouraged to participate in class by providing examples and pictures of their own real life fractions.  There is a variety of types of learners in the class that I designed this lesson for.  Most of the students are average learners, but there are some gifted students and one with a learning disability.  This lesson is designed to keep all of these kinds of learners interested.  I predicted that most of my students are visual learners.  This lesson was designed with them in mind, but auditory and hands on learners should also learn a great deal from this lesson because the steps will be explained and there are examples that must be solved.  My lesson plan relies on the use of media.  I will be using a class room computer as well as a projecter to show the charts and pictures to the entire class.  A digital camera will also be used to take pictures of examples of fractions in the real world.  Students will not need to operate the media, but they will be using the media to learn the lesson by observation.  Along the way, there are various tasks that will allow me to judge the understanding of the students.  I included a rubric stating what I was looking for from each student.  The students will be given this at the beginning of the project.  I will end the project by asking for feedback.  I want to know if the chart and pictures were effective and I want suggestions for ways to improve the project.  The students have a better understanding of what helps them learn.