Negative 1.5 Mandelbox

Of the different parameters you can change, perhaps the most interesting is to use a negative scale. The pictures here are of scale=-1.5, which is just small enough to prevent floating boxes on the corners, and gives a much denser box, but it produces a wonderful variety of shapes, and in fact seems to mimic some well known fractals...

This object at the corner of the Mandelbox contains a huge variety of fractal types, most of the images below are close ups of this corner object.

One of the more distinctive traits of negative scales is a "rough" look, giving it more organic features. (Parameters)

Zooming in on the right corner, a beautiful recursive structure of encrusted boxes which form on a pattern of circular lillies. It produces a pattern very similar to that of a Kleinian fractal, which is composed only of spherical inversions. 

Zooming into the face of the top image shows a koch snowflake fractal. Notice the variety of other shapes too, like 5 sided star fractals. (Parameters)

Zooming in on the lower front face of the top image shows this fractal that is a bit like 1d Cantor dust as you approach the line. (Parameters)

Elsewhere at the top edge of this Mandelbox shows a border like a maskit fractal. This can also be seen (in great numbers!) at the right edge of the previous picture. (Parameters)
See miqel's page for even more examples.

The following pictures are just to look pretty. Enjoy!

Leprechaun's garden

Jupiter moonlife

Spring pollination

Giant oyster (by bib)

(by buddhi)                                           

(by buddhi) with focal blur for an extreme close up look
Twisted iron tree
Space station (the panels are like 2d Cantor dust)