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2016 Summer 3-5 Years Old Saturday PM Class (1 Hour Session)

2016 Summer 5-7/8 Years Old Saturday PM Class (1.5 Hour Session)


Our picture with Xu Bai Yu, Consul of Education
Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston
Mandarin is the only official language of China and is quickly becoming one of the most valuable languages in the world to speak and understand. It is also a good bet that a working knowledge of Mandarin will be extremely valuable, perhaps even a requirement, for future world leaders.
As most people understand learning a second language is best begun in childhood when learning is effortless, especially when it is fun! Learning a second language at a young age also prepares their speech organs for future Mandarin speaking which is essential for an increased chance of having a native accent and reaching a native level of fluency.
Research shows learning a new language will give your child more confidence, it will make them more tolerant of other cultures and it will improve their social skills. Plus it will make you proud! Learn, sing and play in Mandarin and don’t let your child miss out on this stepping stone to success.
WHY LittleBusyBee Mandarin Play & Learn?
 With Mandarin classes popping up everywhere these days it's good to know that at LittleBusyBee Mandarin Play & Learn your children will be taught by professional tertiary qualified teachers. So, you know that every teacher is not only great at what they do but they care about your children and the quality of teaching.
Many parents think Chinese is hard for their non-Mandarin speaking children to learn. In fact, Mandarin is not difficult for children to pick up because for them learning is just play! We named our programs "Play & Learn" because that is what they are. Children will learn constantly while they are happy!
All our programs is professionally designed by an experienced early childhood educator.  Our approach is very child and family centered. Our programs are unique and follow the biggest rule of effective teaching: very small classes. We constantly re-evaluate and improve our program based on new research and experience gained from all our teachers. So, join a playgroup near Sandy Springs and Buckhead area and hear children singing Mandarin songs in just a few lessons. Imagine how exciting it will be to hear your little one talking and singing in Mandarin!!
Our Puppet Show on Chinese New Year

Our Puppet Show on Chinese New Year

Our Recital: We are reading two Chinese poems together!

Chinese poems

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LittleBusyBees in the Mandarin Academy

Please check out our Video on Vocabularies online that go along with our Pre-primary Curriculum!
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We provide professionally designed, developmentally appropriate Chinese (mandarin) classes to children and their families who are interested in Chinese language and cultures. We provide Chinese enrichment/after-school classes to different schools in Atlanta area, Chinese Immersion Program to children above 3 years old on weekday afternoons, Infant/Toddler program in the mornings during weekdays, and we offer Pre-primary class and Primary class to children and their families on Saturday mornings!
The Pre-primary class is open to children 3-5 years old and their families. We learn Chinese through fun songs, games, hands-on activities, and cultural presentations. Our curriculum covers a wide range from vocabularies, songs, art activities, daily communications, etc., and focuses on children's interests, strengths, and ability levels.
The Primary class is designed for children 6-8 years old. Our Primary curriculum is build up from our Pre-primary curriculum and is aligned with the Chinese curriculum that is adopted by the Georgia Department of Education. We strive to create a fun non-traditional learning environment for children in Primary level. The Chinese language skills of our Primary students are all advanced at their age level.
Please feel free to surf our site for further information about us, or contact Sophie Li for detailed class information.