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Circle of Light Community Church

GIG, Ghost Investigator's group of Washington State

Julie Bishop--Life purpose, joy guidance, and graphics webgoddess.

Kimm Carter--Registered Yoga Instructor

Ryan Frizzell--Aura readings.

Jean Garcia--Pet psychic, crafts woman and cafe director.

Ann Innman--Shaman, psychic/palm reader.

Laura Larson—Master Aroma Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist

Dawn Maynard--Mandala artist.

Ed Maynard--Handy person extraordinaire!

Anthony Pauly--Shaman and assistant pastor for the Circle of Light Community Church.

Lisa Shearer--Reverend of Circle of Light Community Church, medium, angel readings, spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals, committment ceremonies, home visits, and mentoring, board member.

Tracey "Twinkle Toes Ionic Foot Spa"

Sharrall A. Winner--Assistant pastor for the Circle of Light Community Church, energy healing, teacher, prayer and meditation guide.