About MTHS

MTHS is established to preserve and document the history of Manchester Township in York County, Pennsylvania. While we work closely with the Manchester Township authority, as well as other organizations, we are an independent, nonprofit group composed of township residents bound together by an interest in our local history.

Our mission is to gather information from any available records along with individual personal interpretations of township history. Further, we disseminate historic information to the public in a useful and interesting manner including publications, workshops, and seminars.

Our vision is to encourage owners of historic property, whether in the form of documents, artifacts, or architecture, to consider preservation. We are eager to interact with local organizations, groups, and individuals seeking historical information about the rich heritage of our township.

MTHS is eager to share oral history with township residents who can relate stories of their past. Donations, or copies, of documents, photographs, and other historical memorabilia are welcome additions to the Maxine Lumsargis Memorial Library.

The Society normally meets at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, September through May, at Johnston Park, 2985 Lewisberry Road. Our monthly meetings are open to the public.

Follow our "MTHS News" page for meeting information and other news. Contact us at ManTwpHistory@gmail.com.