Manchester Buddhist Conference 2007

16 June2007, Fo Guang Shan Temple 

540, Stretford Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 9AF 

Organised by Manchester University Buddhist Society






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Conference summary


The participants to the conference shall include (but not limited to) monks and lay members of the following Buddhist centres and groups in Greater Manchester.

Saraniya Dhamma Meditation Centre : affiliated to Mahasi Dhamma Fellowship

Ketumati Buddhist Vihara

Wat Chareon Bhavana : affiliated to Dhammakaya Foundation

Wat Sri Ratanam

The Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation : Affiliated to Samatha Trust

Vairochana Buddhist Centre : affiliated to New Kadampa Tradition

Manchester Buddhist Centre : Affiliated to Friends of Western Buddhist Order

Rochdale Zen Retreat : Affiliated to Order of Buddhist Contemplatives

Manchester Zen Dojo : Affiliated to International Zen Association UK

Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre : Affiliated to Dechen Dharma Fellowship

Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple : Affiliated to Fo Guang Shan Monastery

Diamond Way Manchester

Hadfield Buddhist sitting group 

Manchester Zen Group/ Chorlton Kwanumenen Zen Centre, affiliated to International Kwan Um school of Zen founded by Master Seung Sahn 

Manchester Chan Group : affiliated to Western Chan Fellowship

Manchester Rigpa

Khandro Ling, Macclesfield

Other Buddhist groups located in Greater Manchester (including those that do not have permanant centres) 

You can see the contact details of the centres here. 

We will also be inviting interested students and academics from the universities. Anyone else interested is also welcome to participate, provided they email the registration details (see the registration link) to us within the deadline (1 June). 

Please note: This conference has a very local flavour, and the primary aim is to bring together monks and also lay people from different Buddhist traditions in greater Manchester.  Last year, we got a number of enquiries about attending this conference from venerables in other countries. Please note that this one-day conference might not be relevant to them to come to Manchester, or worth their time, effort or resources. Also, we regret to inform you that we are unable to provide any organisational help such as invitation letter or accomodation. However, if anyone is already in or around Manchester during the time of the conference, and can make the venue on their own expense, they are most welcome to register and attend the conference.