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For Directions, please see http://www.gmpte.com which has got a Journey planner to help find the most convenient way to get anywhere in Greater Manchester

For the latest news on events in  Manchester, see Manchetser Buddhist News.


Ketumati  Buddhist Vihara (Sri Lankan)
Address: 3 Pretoria Road, Hollins, Oldham, OL8 4NH
Telephone: 0161 6789726, Email: ketumati@tiscali.co.uk
Activities (Please phone to confirm):
Every Wednesday and Sunday: 19:30- 21:30 Meditation and Dhamma Discussion
First Saturday of every month: 19:30-21:00 Dhamma sermon
Following Sunday: 09:00-16:00 Day meditation Retreat
Third Sunday of every month: 13:30-16:00 Dhamma discussion
Head Monk: Venerable P. Piyatissa Thera
Ven. Piyatissa has been in UK for more than 16 years, and is a very experienced Theravada Buddhist monk, and currently also holds the post of university Buddhist chaplain in  Manchester University. The Vihara organises a number of events including Dhamma talks, meditation retreats, SriLankan classes, celebrate festivals etc. The first Saturday-Sunday talk and retreat are certainly in English, while others may be in Sinhalese and English. They also have a small library of books and cassettes.
How to get there (from Piccadilly): Get 82/83 bus from Oldham street, get down opposite Chamber road (3rd stop after motorway) and walk along Chamber Road till Pretoria Road.

Saraniya Dhamma Meditation Centre (Burmese)
Address: 420, Lower Broughton Road, Salford, Greater  Manchester M7 2GD
http://www.saraniya.org.uk (there is also an older website at http://www.nibbana.com/billinge.htm ),
Telephone: (0161) 281 6242, Email: admin@saraniya.com
Head monk: Sayadaw Nanujjota-bhivamsa
They have Vipassana meditation retreats of 14 days or longer, as well as weekend ones, and other activities. Call them for more information.
They are affiliated to the Burmese Mahasi Sayadaw tradition of meditation.
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Get 98 bus near Marks and Spencer and get off on Great Cloves Street/ Duncan street. Walk to Lower Broughton Road

Wat Charoen Bhavana (Thai) also called Northwest centre for Buddhist meditation
Address: Gardner house, Cheltenham street, Salford, M6 6WY
Telephone: 0161 736 1633, (+44)7988823616, Fax: +(44)-161-736-5747
Email: watmanchester.uk@hotmail.com 
Website: http://nw-meditation.tripod.com , http://www.dhammakaya.or.th/centremain.php 
Contact Monk: Phra Seri Sirisampanna
They celebrate traditional Buddhist and thai festivals, have language classes, etc. They also have dana and chanting sessions. They have meditation classes for both Thai people and westerners, both beginners and more advanced, in the Dhammakaya tradition of Thailand. The meditation classes in English are held at 7:30 pm on Tuesdays and also Sunday mornings, but call them or visit them for more details and other times.
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take the train to Salford Crescent station, then get out on Frederick Road Campus side, then walk straight and turn right to Frederick Road, and then left to Cheltenham Street.

Wat Sri Ratanaram (Thai)
Address: 18 Paulden Avenue, Baguley, Manchester M23 1PD
http://watthaiuk.tripod.com , http://www.watsriuk.net
Telephone: 0161 998 4550, E Mail: watsri.uk@gmail.com 
Head Monk: Phramaha Paganon Buddhimadhi
They are connected to the Buddhavihara temple (
http://www.watthaiuk.com)in Birmingham.
How to get there (from Piccadilly): Take bus number 101. Get off at the bus stop at Black Carr Road and walk from there. You will shortly see Paulden Avenue, then turn right. After just 5 minuts you will see House No.18 Paulden Avenue.

The Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation (The Samatha Centre)
Affiliated to: Samatha Trust
Address: 19 - 21 High Lane, Chorlton - cum - Hardy, Manchester, M21 9DJ
Telephone: Roger Barnes (0161) 861 7878, Email: Pam Stanier pam@pstanier.freeserve.co.uk
Activities: Weekly meditation classes and other activities. See website for details.
This belongs to the Samatha Trust, which has a number of meditation groups all over UK. It was started by Nai Boonman, who was originally a Thai monk but later disrobed. They follow a graded and disciplined practice, based on Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing), with regular interviews with the teacher, and have courses almost every day of the week. They have courses suitable for beginners. They also meet for celebrating Buddhist festivals, chanting, sometimes host visiting monks etc.
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take 85/86/87 bus to Chorlton, get off opposite to Chorlton bus station. High lane is only 2 minutes walk from Chorlton bus station.


Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple (Chinese)
Affiliated to: Buddha's Light International Association (B.L.I.A)
Address: 540 Stretford Road, Old Trafford, Manchester M16 9AF
Tel: 0161 872 3338, Fax: 0161-872-3334, Email:ibps_man_uk@hotmail.com
http://www.fgsman.org.uk/en/index2.htm , http://www.geocities.com/manchesterfoguanshan
They have a number of events, including Chinese and Buddhist festivals, traditional chanting and other ceremonies, and a good library. It is a very beautiful and large temple. They also have Mahayana sutra study classes for westerners too, do a variety of charity work, Chinese language classes etc. You can visit it just to sit quietly and meditate in the very peaceful shrine rooms. It is closed on Fridays.
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take the 250 or 263 bus and get off opposite Chinese temple on Stretford Road (Bus Stop name: Henrietta street)

Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre (Tibetan)
Affiliated to: Dechen Community (Karma Kagyu and Sakya traditions of Tibetan Buddhism)
Address: 45 Manor Drive, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester M21 7QG
Telephone: 0161 445 3044, Email: manchester@dechen.org
Spiritual Director: Lama Jampa Thaye
They conduct a number of events and courses for all people interested in Tibetan Buddhism and meditation. They have weekly classes, traditional pujas, etc. Lama Jampa, a famous western Kagyu Lama, visits the centre occasionally to give teachings.
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take 111 bus till last stop (southern cemetery). Cross Burton Road opposite The cemetery, walk to Derwent Avenue, then Macefin Avenue.

Manchester Zen Dojo of the International Zen Association UK (Zen)
Affiliated to: International Zen Association UK
Address: Mill Street Venture Centre, 491 Mill Street, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2AD
Telephone: (+44-161) 231 2040 (Alan Smith), E-mail: zen.manchester@yahoo.co.uk Website:
Full day of zazen on 1st Saturday of each month starting at 7.30 am
Introduction to the posture: Tuesday 7pm, Saturday 9am
Zazen: Tuesday 7.30 pm, Thursday 7 am, Saturday 9.30 am, Sunday 10 am

Rochdale Zen Retreat (Soto-Zen) : Please note the changed address
Affiliated to: The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
Address: 11 Trevarrick Court, Horwich, Bolton BL6 6TF
Activities: Various activities relating to the practice of Zen Buddhism.
http://www.throssel.org.uk (This is the main website of the tradition in UK)
Resident monk: Rev. Peter Bonati, Telephone: 01204 669951
Dharma nights every Wednesday and Friday starting at 6.45 pm with tea.
Sunday ceremony and tea every Sunday morning 9.45-12 pm
They usually also have on the 1st weekend of every month a 4 day sesshin starting 5 am Thursday till 12 noon on Sunday. They also have day retreats from 9.45 am till 4 pm.
This is very good for those who want to do an authentic Zen retreat. They are quite flexible about the time of retreat etc. Just call in advance to book a place.

Khandro Ling (Tibetan)
Affiliated to: A Dzogchen monastery in India
Address: Pierce Street, Macclesfield SK11 6ER
Tel: (00 44) (0)1625 434831, Email:gcellis@dsl.pipex.com
They organise a series of talks and meditation retreats on the Tibetan tradition by visiting Tibetan lamas and advanced western practitioners. .
How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take the train to Macclesfield from Piccadilly train station. The centre is a short 10 min walk from the Macclesfield train station. Directions and a map is available on their website.

Vairochana Buddhist Centre (Tibetan)
Affiliated to: New Kadampa Tradition (N.K.T)
Address:  76 High Lane, Chorlton-cum-hardy, Manchester
M21 9XF

Telephone: 0161 861 7012 , Email: info@meditation-in-manchester.org
Resident Teacher: Kelsang Chodor
They have a range of courses (at different locations around Manchester, see their website for more details) in Buddhism, meditation classes, day retreats, etc for practitioners of all ability, from beginners to the experienced. Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the spiritual director of this tradition, has written a number of very insightful books about every aspect of the practice.

Manchester Zen Group / Chorlton Kwanumenen Centre (Zen)
Affiliated to: The International Kwan Um School of Zen (founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn)
Address: 3, Copley Road (near unicorn health food store), Chorlton
Telephone: 0161-8812822,
Email: klechan22003@yahoo.com,
Contact person: Koonlin,
Note: Due to Koonlin, the Dharma teacher's oversea's trip related to her research fieldwork from now to 20 June, all regular zen practice has been cancelled till further notice. However, she will continue to reply all email whenever she can while she is traveling. Please contact London Zen Centre for many Zen programmes in London: www.london.kwanumeurope.com She apologises for all the inconvenience

How to get there (from Piccadilly):Take the 86 bus to Chorlton, get off near Unicorn Organic supermarket. Go to the Leisure centre near Unicorn and cross the road. Walk across the road and go along Kensington road. Keep walking along this road for about 5m until you get to a sign for Stretford. Turn left just before this sign. If you have any probs call koolin on 0161 8812822

OTHERS (not Mahayana or Theravada)

Manchester Buddhist Centre(FWBO: Friends of Western Buddhist Order)
Address: 16-20 Turner Street, Mancehster M4 1DZ
Tel: 0161 834 9232, Fax: 0161 839 4815, Website:
EMail: info@manchesterbuddhistcentre.org.uk
Affiliation: Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
They have a variety of meditation classes to suit people of all abilities, events related to Buddhism, multimedia, shop, vegan restaurant, shrine rooms to worship or meditate, health programmes, etc. See their website for more details.
How to get there (from Piccadilly): Go to the junction of high street and market street near Arndale centre. Turn right to high street and walk till you reach turner street. Also see signpost directions for "Buddhist centre".

Groups meeting in Manchester

Manchester Chan Group
Affiliated to: Western Chan Fellowship (in the tradition of Chan master Sheng-Yen)
Email: manchester@WesternChanFellowship.org,
Contact person: Simon Child,
They meet in the Friends meeting House every Thursday from 7 pm and have periodic day retreats.

The Buddhist Society of Manchester
Meetings in: 3 Grosvenor Square, Sale, Cheshire M33 1RW
Meets Mondays and Wednesdays 8-10 pm
Contact: 0161 973 0188

Manchester University Buddhist Society
Meetings: (only in term time) Thursday evenings at Reading room, Grove House, Whitworth Park Halls of Residence, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL. Also meditation classes (on Sunday or Monday evenings). Please see websites for updated information.
Address: Manchester University Buddhist Society, Student Union, University of Manchester , Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.
Please contact James Conole (Email: james.conole@student.manchester.ac.uk ) or Elliot Cohen (Email: elliotcohen@hotmail.com) for more details.

Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Buddhist Society
Meetings: (not in term time) Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm at 7 Cinnamon Close, Northenden, M22 4QF
Meetings: (in term time, currently its summer holidays, term starts from september again) Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm at MMU student union (MMU SU Website http://mmunion.co.uk/ )
The MMU Buddhist Society (separate from Manchester university Buddhist Society) has recently been set up. They hold meditation classes in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The tradition is Diamond Way Buddhism, whose Manchester centre is in 7 Cinnamon Close, Northenden, M22 4QF
Please check their website for updated contact details.

RIGPA (Tibetan)
A RIGPA self-facilitated Study and Practice group meets on the last Tuesday of every month at 7:30 pm at the Union Chapel, Manchester. RIGPA is in the tradition of Sogyal Rinpoche, author of Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.
http://www.unionchapelmanchester.co.uk or their main website, http://www.rigpa.org.uk for more details
How to get there (from Piccadilly): Go to Fallowfield, get off near Owens Park (bus 42,43 etc) and cross oxford Road near Queen of hearts and cross Wilbraham road till you reach Wellington road. The Union chapel is to your right.

Hadfield Buddhist sitting group
Meditation, discussion and the occasional cake
Most Wednesdays 8-9.30pm, Station Road, Hadfield.
Contact Mary (01457)869189. All traditions welcome.

Note: There are a number of other smaller Buddhist groups affiliated to various traditions (e.g. Community of Interbeing, South Manchester Chan Group, Medicine Buddha Gompa, Dechen Kagyu Choling, Samatha Groups, Shambhala Study group, Soka Gakkai International, Tzu Chi, etc), which meet regularly at various places in Greater Manchester. For a list of those groups, please see the Buddhanet UK Directory for Manchester at http://buddhanet.net/wbd/province.php?province_id=108

Another good source to find out about Buddhist groups is the Directory published by the Buddhist Society, 58 Eccleston Square, London. Their website is http://www.thebuddhistsociety.org.