Maintenance Courses

Learn to fix your own bike!
Save money, time and enjoy your bike more by learning to repair your bike.
Our courses will equip you with the skills and knowledge to maintain your bike, enabling you enjoy safer and smoother cycling.

Beginners course
We run a basic maintenance course for people who are new to bike repair, which will enable you to repair/replace an innertube, tune the gears, adjust the brakes and ensure the bike is safe to ride.
The basic course runs for 2 hours and is ideal for someone who wants to learn how to maintain the fundamental parts of the bike.

Upcoming sessions: Chorlton Library Saturday 14th November, Saturday 12th December 
Intermediate course
Our Intermeidate course includes and builds upon fundamental skills such as those learnt on the basic course.
The course runs for 4 hours will cover adjustment of the gears and brakes, basic wheel truing, chain care/replacement, headset (steering) adjustment, hub adjustment and cleaning, greasing, tightening moving parts.
Courses cost £45 per person.

Upcoming sessions: 

Basic bike maintenance:

Chorlton Library

- Saturday 14th November, 
- Saturday 12th December 

Intermediate course

- Saturday November 28th