Thanks to everyone who has or is planning on placing an order.  I really hope you enjoy your candles.  I have been swamped with orders since my story has gone national.  Please be patient, these are still made in my kitchen, and I still have to go to school during the day. : (
I am working with some help from my parents on getting orders out as quickly as possible.  If you have any questions please e-mail me and I will do my best to reply quickly.  We are trying to work with more sources (Hospitals, schools, etc.) to donate soup.  Every can has fed someone who is hungry.  ManCans has donated close to 6000 cans of soup in the past 4 months.
As seen on TV!  I have been fortunate enough to have my product featured on both 10TV and Channel 4.  Below are links to both the Channel 4 piece from their website and the 10TV interview on YouTube.
Also search YouTube for man-cans and  see my other wacky promotional videos.
Green is more than just a color at Mancans:
All of our cans are recycled soup cans and the brown wrapper is made of recycled paper.  We are always looking for places to donate soup.  Churches, food pantries, and any special occasion during this cold winter.  Thanks to Our Daily Bread in Lima, Ohio for helping out by accepting over 200 cans of soup.