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*Danielle Gray - continuing
*Sibella Glavin - continuing
Nicollette Polly - Freshman
Jena Sypula - Freshman
Christian Balos - Lakewood Ranch
Zach Hughes -  Freshman

Danielle Gray - Braden River
Elizabeth Fleming - Southeast
Benjamin Hoyle - Southeast
Sibella Glavin - Manatee High
*Madison Davis - continuing
*Alyssa Smith - continuing

Tiffany Pervis- Freshman
Mark Simat -Freshman
Madison Davis-Freshman
Michael Barsoum
*Alyssa Smith - continuing
* Gianna Traylor-continuning

2014 - 2015
Gianna Traylor - Freshman
Haley Lawson -Freshman
Amber Gould - Freshman
Katelyn Rodd - Freshman
* Emma Carper - continuing
*Alyssa Smith - continuing

Elizabeth Potter
Jacob Kargauer
Marshall Tipton
Maria L Ramirez
Margarida Phelan
Kia P Frazier Williams
William White JR
Jared Becker
Bree Anne Campbell
Maria Laura Ramierz
Jacob Romines
Kayla Mellert

2009 - 2010
Taura  Magley
Diego Corzo

Teddy Louloudes, Manatee High School
Angela Love, Southeast High School
Alexa Respino, Lakewood Ranch School
Raven Jokiner
Lynn Salemi
Afra Wade, Bayshore High School


Dan Gayler, Bayshore High School
Nikita Goff, Manatee High School
Janette Lam, Lakewood Ranch High School
Amanda McCormick, Bayshore High School
Continuation Scholarship: Brittany Parker, Manatee High School
James Gooding, Manatee High School
Teddy Louloudes, Manatee High School
Angela Love, Southeast High School
Alexa Respino, Lakewood Ranch School


Chana L. Cannon, Palmetto High School
Janelle Connoly, Cardinal Mooney High School
Tara Jarvis, Manatee High School
Brad S. Laudicina, Manatee High SchoolBrittany Parker, Manatee High School

Kristin Eisle, Manatee High School
Matthew Ladd, Manatee High School
Christopher Merrick, Lakewood Ranch High School
Courtney Tarpey, Manatee High School
Jonathan Doeer, Bayshore High School
Elizabeth Jefferds Southeast High School
Megan Jefferds Southeast High School
Ashley May, Manatee High School

Alexandra Owens, Southeast High School
Daniel Bileth, Manatee High School
Will Hauser, Manatee High School

Manatee Noles,
Mar 27, 2017, 6:05 PM