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Felts Audubon Preserve

This place is "For the Birds"...

Open Sunrise to Sunset 7 Days a Week.  Just park on the road and walk through the pedestrian access.  Members are given the combination to the gate and may drive in and park.  Members, please close and lock the gate while you are in the preserve so it does not have to be left open to accommodate others that may have followed you in while you were enjoying the preserve.  Call (941) 729-2222 for the combination to the handicapped gate

Located at:
4600 24th Ave, Palmetto, FL
Click Here for Map.   

Conveniently located in Palmetto, this 27-acre nature preserve was donated by Otis & Anita Felts to the Manatee County Audubon Society when Otis passed away in 2002. His dream was that it would never be developed. Now our dream is to use the property as an environmental educational center for people of all ages.
As land in southwest Florida is rapidly consumed by development, this property is being used to benefit wildlife.

We are returning the land to a more natural condition using a long-term management plan.

This place is "For the Birds...and for Birders!"

While we come up with innovative ways to provide opportunities to educate the public on environmental issues, the land is being used by an abundance of different animals including many migratory birds. We have documented 163 avian species and 33 butterfly species at Felts Audubon Preserve!


The Painted Bunting is the signature bird at Felts Audubon Preserve. 
Enjoy this video captured by Claire Herzog at Felts Preserve in late December 2013.
(Click on photo at left for video to open.)

Improvements continue including new footpaths, an enhanced bird blind for comfortable wildlife observation and excellent photography. Small ponds with open fields exist to attract a wider variety of wildlife, especially migratory and nesting birds and colorful butterflies.
Teach kids about their environment, stroll through the forested area, relax on the benches, take photos and simply commune with nature. 

Monthly Events



When:  The first Saturday of each month (Nov - April) from 8am -11:30 am. Cost: FREE!  Activities in clude watching wildlife, hiking and photography.

GUIDED BIRD WALK -- starts at 9:30am on Open House event days. Meet in the front parking lot at Felts Audubon Preserve. A greeter will direct you to the bird walk leader(s). 

There usually are bird checklists available at the Welcome Center at Felts, as well as in the bird blind. These checklists are likely also available from the Open House greeter.  

WORKDAYS AT FELTS PRESERVE  When: Last Saturday of each month, Oct through April, from 8am - noon. Learn about plants & wildlife.