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Bird Identification Tips

Come enjoy viewing our beautiful winged friends in all their habitats. Browse the Bradenton Area Birding Guide. Register for the annual Basic Bird Identification course, or participate in a guided bird walk. Manatee Audubon offers many ways to learn about birds & nature for adults & kids. 

Youth Education

Give a Child a Day in the WILD!

Donations during the 2019 Giving Partner Challenge could be "matched"... doubling the benefit to Manatee Audubon 2019.

This Manatee Audubon sponsored educational outreach to our community currently has a need to get over 3,000 students to Felts Audubon Preserve for a 1/2 day outdoor science class focused on conservation, environment, and learning about birds & other wildlife. Classes are led by trained (mostly former teachers) naturalists from Around the Bend Nature Tours.

Funds are needed. It costs approx $700 for round-trip school bus transportation for a classroom of students & their school teachers to get to & from Felts Audubon Preserve.  

DONATiONS are welcome any time.  The Giving Partner Challenge will be held at a later date this year, and we'll publish more details as we get closer.  Your donation to The Giving Partner Challenge could be matched by The Patterson Foundation!!

Thank you for your support!!

Wildlife Care

A Bowl of Spoonbills

Did you know that a group of Roseate Spoonbills is called a “bowl” of spoonbills? And that the Roseate Spoonbill is a wading bird in the same family (Threskiornithidae) as the Ibis?

The elegant Roseate Spoonbill has a pink body and white upper back and neck. The long bill is a gray spatula or spoon shape and the forehead is a featherless olive green with a gray featherless crown. They can have a wingspan of 50-53 inches.

To feed, Spoonbills wade in shallow water, sweeping their bill back and forth through the mud. Once they feel prey, mainly fish, crustaceans, shrimp, or insects, they snap their bill shut. It’s believed that their diet of crustaceans may cause the beautiful pink coloration in their feathers.

They fly with steady wing beats alternating with short glides. Their nest is a bulky platform of sticks with a hollow in the center, located low in a bush or tree. As colonial nesters, they prefer to be in with a large group.

During the breeding season, an adult spoonbill’s pink colors become more intense. They lay 2-5 white eggs with brown spots and both parents help incubate the eggs from 22-24 days. The adorable hatchlings have white feathered heads with a paler pink body and the cutest little spoons that are yellowish or pinkish.

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