Biographical Information

I am a scientist at DuPont/Genencor in Palo Alto, where I use a combination of biophysics, protein engineering and computation to design useful enzymes. 

I started my scientific career as a physical chemist studying hydrogen bond networks that stabilize crystalline peptides at Oberlin College in Ohio. I then pursued a PhD in chemistry at Columbia University, where I worked with Ann McDermott and used solid-state NMR to probe allostery and kinetics in ion channels. 

Subsequently, I moved to Bill DeGrado's group at UCSF as an HHMI and Jane Coffin Childs Foundation Fellow. During my postdoc, I worked on a number of different systems including synthetically designed peptide channels, prion proteins and bacterial antibiotic sensors. I am generally interested in harnessing the interface of biophysics and bacterial physiology to develop impactful products.