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Think Before You Throw.... Think Before You Buy

Managing Waste in your Apartment Complex or Residential Layout.

How to Get Started and much more....

Bangalore Residents:
Here's the link to the BBMP Notice from Oct 1, 2012
Suggested Template on how to adhere to the BBMP Notice

I have all the info, I want to start: Go Straight to section 3.4

Credits: Information below was first created from presentation material and working experience shared by SWM Round Table Members and the Residents of Renaissance Park-I Apartments, Malleswaram, Bangalore. With time, information from on-going efforts in various other apartments and the has been incorporated.

Where does our Waste Go (once it leaves the apartment) ?

- Almost all of our dry, wet, bio-medical waste ends up in a Landfill or is Burnt.
- Either way...  it ends up in our food, water or the air we breathe.
- Here's a full and very effective Presentation on that: Are you ready ? (from Diamond District's project)
- Find more by watching "The Story of Stuff" (20 min video with content equivalent to a full conference)
- Here's a BBMP directive on compulsory segregation (dated: 18th Oct 2007 for Apartment complexes with > 100 flats) that should really have taken off

Ensuring Success

You are on the right track already :)

* Congratulations !! You are doing your bit in reducing your ecological footprint. Acknowledge everyone involved.

Segregate Segregate Segregate !!

* Un-segregated waste (i.e. dry and wet mixed) CANNOT be Reused/Recyled. Un-segregated waste ends up in land-fills and from there into our food.

* Segregation at each home is the key and a must.

* Value of waste increases with the extent of Segregation. See the "Garbage to Gold" video from ZWM Model (Vellore Model)


* Get yourself a team of like minded neighbors.
* Keep Office bearers of the Associations informed/involved. Have a time line and take this forward.

* Get Kids involved from the start. They will carry it far ahead than you can imagine. Keep ladies in the loop.

* Door-to-Door campaigning with kids works wonders !!

* Hold Green Day / Earth Day type events with Drawing and Poster Competitions.... get residents excited about it.

What Category of Waste do I Manage First ?

* Begin with Dry and E-Waste; [See the below Table] Then move to Bio-medical and Wet Waste.

* Start with a pilot run for a month or so with say 20 families; Then scale things up to the rest of the community.

* You could of course start with all categories of waste if you have a Strong Team.

How much money will the Apartment make $$$ ?

* Its not about the Money.... Earnings/Savings may not be substantial enough to reduce your monthly maintenance fee.

So.... Use the money earned to keep your House Keeping Staff Happy and for other Green Projects.

Reduce Reduce Reduce, Reuse Reuse, Recycle (in that order) !!

* DON'T FORGET your eventual goal should be to reduce consumption of items that generate a lot of waste.

* Recycling is just a solution to a problem we created. Lets remove the problem instead :)

Table on Categories of Waste and How to Manage It

Category of Waste

Dry Waste
Electronic Waste
Bio-medical Waste
Wet Waste

Sample Items in each Category

Paper: Any waste bits of paper, shredded paper, Carton Boxes, Paper Plates, any waste Packaging Material, Newspaper.
Plastic: Plastic bags, toys, utensils, bottles, bubble wrap, milk pouches
Metal and Other: Aluminum cans, aluminum foil, spray cans, bottle caps, tetrapaks, thermacole and styrofoam packing, glass bottles, food packets  
Batteries, bulbs, tubelights, tubelight chokes, old CDs, old DVDs, printer cartridges, broken A/C adapters, audio/video cassetes, Phones/Mobile-Phones etc. Diapers, syringes, shaving blades, used condoms, sanitary pads, ear buds, finger nails, band-aid, dry cloth items (mopping), animal bones Vegetable and fruit
peels, tea leaves, coffee powder,
flowers, leftover food, pencil
shavings, match-sticks, hair, fruit
kernels & seeds

Coconut shells given away as cooking fuel

How is it Managed ?

* Paper, plastic and other items segregated into 3 bags at every home.
* Collected once weekly within the apartment complex.
* Picked up by Collection Agent once a week. (Sundays work well). Paid for by Collection Agent.

* Recycler required.
* All items Saleable.

* E-waste stored in bins provided by recycler.
* Collection carried out by Recycler when required.

* Recycler required.
* Partially Saleable.
* Collected in paper bags with inner cloth lining at every home.
* Collected daily at apartment complex.
* Handed over to authorized disposers daily.

* Authorized Disposal agent required.
* Cost for disposal.
* Composted daily in bin/pot/tank.
* With good infrastructure no mosquitoes, no odour.

* Managed in-house.
* Compost Saleable.
 Dry Waste Electronic Waste Bio-medical Waste Wet Waste

What do I need to do ?

1. Segregation and Collection:
** Discuss process (see segregation chart) with some families. Adapt process if required.
** Buy Segregation bags; laminate segregation charts (so they last for ever). Distribute them.
** Train House Keeping Staff to collect segregated waste in large gunny/plastic bags once a week at fixed time
(Sunday mornings work well).

2. Handover to Collection Agent: ** Contact Dry Waste Collection Agent to pick segregated waste (Sunday afternoons work well).

1. Collection:
** Figure how many bins required for entire complex. (Typically 1 enough)
** Buy/Arrange E-Waste bins from the recycler.
** Inform apartment complex of locations of bins and items that go in (collection agent provides chart)

2. Handover to Collection Agent:
** When bin is full, call recycler to come and collect the waste.

1. Collection:
** Get Regular Supply of Bags at low cost. Contact NGOs or house keeping staff etc. Add cloth lining to this - Make your own.
Families with babies need 1 to 2 bags a day.
** Train House Keeping to collect these bags daily.
** Give every apartment 5 bags each to start with and then put system in place for families to collect more bags as needed.

2. Handover to Collection Agent:
** Contact Bio-medical waste company for daily collection

1. Planning:
** Read about large-scale options, Manthan, Morph, RolyPig. Pick one. Plan location and construction of composting pits.
**  Home Composting and Daily Dump which can be adapted to become large-scale.
** Amazing Composting information here, including this excellent guide that helps you plan.

2. Collection:
** Ask families to begin separating their kitchen waste into separate containers with a lid (to avoid fruit flies at home)
** Train House keeping to collect these daily and take them to composting pits

3. Composting:
** Hire and Train someone to manage the composting pits.

  Dry Waste  Electronic Waste  Bio-medical Waste  Wet Waste

Can I Start Right Away ?

* Really small initial investment on bags for segregation.
* Can be started immediately.
Month long pilot will help adapt process.

* No investment Required.
* Can be started immediately.
* Pick up is at a cost.
* Regular small investment for the disposal bags.
Can be started immediately. Month long pilot will help adapt process.
* Investment on infrastructure to be set up, adapted according to size and need.
* Do a pilot for a few months before starting full scale. Pilot size should be large.

Approximate Expense/Savings/Earnings

One Time Expense: Rs.12-15/bag + Rs.15-20 for Lamination =>            
~ Rs. 60/home

Earnings per Home:
Depends on Extent of Segregation -
ZWM Model (Vellore): Rs. 3 / day
Basic Segregation:
Rs. 1 / day

Savings per Month:

Municipality pick up Charges: Ranges Rs.500 to Rs.3000. Saved only when all categories managed.

Expense: Typically None. Companies should be able to provide bin for free.

Depends on quality of waste collected. Leave it out of calculations.
** Pick up cost:
~ Rs. 750 per week
OR Rs. 30/kg (for large collections ?)
[expect ~10kg per day per 100 families]
** Cost per bag (2 sizes):
15'' x 19'' = Rs 1.60
larger bag = Rs. 2.60
Expense: Varies with options: large-scale options, Manthan, Morph, RolyPig, home-composting and Daily Dump

Manure Sale. Varies with produce.

Fertilizer/Manure: Varies with Gardens/Landscaping size:
Range ~ Rs.1000 to Rs.5000.

   Dry Waste   Electronic Waste   Bio-medical Waste   Wet Waste

List of Collection Agents, Recyclers, Vendors, Enthusiasts

Recyclers for Paper and Plastic:
** ITC:
Mr. Narendra Kumar - 96324 89689
** Samarthanam Trust:
Mr. Girish - 94498 64779
Reception - 94498 64680
** Waste Management & Solutions: Ms. Helan and Ms. Prema -
98455 74929 and 99721 84653
** Waste Wise Trust:
Mr. Rosario - 94483 45018; 080 - 25273941; 080-41523790
Land Lab
** Saahas:

Recyclers for Thermocol:

** Waste Wise Trust:
Mr. Rosario - 94483 45018; 080 - 25273941; 080-41523790
** EPS Recycling

Contact: Metro Anand 97403 32110
** East India Technologies (P) Ltd on Bannerghatta Rd
Contact: Mr Nataraj 91649 50122

Segregation Bags:
** KR market (Salim 99004 45358, will home deliver)
Rates (100 bags or more; as of Sept 2012): Rs.18 [Rs.20 for home delivery]
** KR Puram Market (Narayana-amma 97383 50700)
** Opposite Yeshwanthpur RTO.
Ash Recyclers:
9844064634 (Syed)
** Samarthanam Trust: Mr. Girish
94498 64779
** E-Parisara:
** Waste Wise Trust:
Mr. Rosario - 94483 45018; 080 - 25273941; 080-41523790
Land Lab
** Saahas:

Authorized Disposers:
** Semb Remky: 98442 82623
** Maridi: 080-22103270
98802 19860

Newspaper Bags for Bio-waste:
** Usha Srinivas ("Chaitanya")
41128494 or 99018 44464
** Also Provided by Semb Ramky and Maridi.
** Green Tech:
S. Ravikumar: 99009 69798
** DailyDump:
99164 26661

** Vijay Sindagi's MorphTM
98450 50507
** Saahas:


* To save on space, hang the bags on hooks in the utility.
* Rinse and dry the milk packets for avoiding smell at home.
  * Disposal Bags can be made in-house by house keeping staff. See "Make Your Own Paper Bag"
* Terrace is best for Apartment Complexes and especially if space is a limitation
Amazing Composting information here, including this excellent guide that helps you plan.

How Do You Know this System even Works (Who else has done it ?) ?

- The systems are tried and tested for as can be seen from the data below. Some apartments have been running WM programs for over 2 years now.

List of Apartments where WM Programs are OnGoing

 Apartment Name
 Contacts Waste Management Stats
(click on the image to enlarge)
Renaissance Park I Apartments, Malleswaram   
Regalia Apartments, Malleswaram
Vani Murthy

303 Regalia Apts,
6th main road,
Between 13th and 15th cross Malleswaram Bangalore-3
Phone: 080-23463506
Mob: 9880342785
Started with WM: Nov 2008

Avg collection per week:
10-12kgs of plastic
12-14 kgs of paper

Recent Milestone (Feb 2010):
One ton of Dry Waste collected in a year's time

Composting: 10 Flats contributing kitchen waste.
[4 flats use and one person with a little garden accepts 5 flats's wet waste daily and does vermi composting]
Diamond District, Airport Road917 flats divided into 17 blocks. Each block headed by a block
Will call back.
In three months [Dec 2009 to Feb 2010] we have reached a segregation percentage of 80%. We have also saved the following from being dumped with wet and toxic waste:
a. Mixed Paper: 3602 Kg
b. Plastic: 1717 Kg
c. Cardboard: 1317 Kg
d. Glass Bottles: 2334
e. Metal: 279 Kg
f. Aluminium Cans: 2298
 Brigade Millennium (Mayflower)
Spread over 15 floors
Arathi Manay

A416, Mayflower Block
Brigade Millennium
JP Nagar 7th Phase
Bangalore 560078

Phone: +91 80 41602724
Mobile: +91 9845724617
Current Collection:
Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 per month from sale of dry waste.

Started: Nov 2008
- The building has a chute with an access point on every floor. So residents are used to throwing the waste (usually in plastic bags) down the chute.
- Since Nov 2008, residents are to put their dry waste/unwanted things in blue drums placed on each floor. Things that can be used are utilised by the association or the workers. The waste is sold to recyclers.
Sterling Brookside Apartments,
ITPL Main Road, Whitefield
About 120 Occupied.
105 currently registered with WM program.
Varun Rupela (Apt D-313); Kamal Kumar and Komal (Apt D-415), Kavitha Nair(Apt C-109), Bhagyesh Hede (Apt C-412)

Sterling Brookside, ITPL Main Road,
Kundanahalli Colony
Bangalore - 560037

Varun: 9902299883
Brigade Gardenia1024 Apartments
Started with a pilot for 24 homes in Nov 2009. Now more than 240 homes are registered for WM   
Divya - 98456 56413
 Start Date: Nov 2009

Rohan Vasantha Apartments,
Airport Road, Near Marathahalli
 ~600 Apartments.
450 to 500 occupied
Shaheen Shasa: 9341258123
Sumant: 9845522404
Dry Garbage Sales: Apr '09 to Apr '10
Sky Lark Greens

Minku Buttar: 9945184296Since March 2011.


Below are a ton of great resources that you can take ideas from or just reuse them if they fit right in !! Go For It !!


* YIMBY - Yes In My Back Yard (the Why and the How plus many many common questions).

Google Groups

How do I Convince Others (Why should I do this ?) ?

- Start with two 7 min videos: Part1 and Part2

- Many other Great Resources (including videos, press-coverage, presos, handouts) below !!

- Basic Idea:

* Not possible for Municipal Corporations to manage the enormous amounts of waste generate

* Land Fills not the correct way to handle waste

* Divide and Rule: Segregate (separation of Dry and Wet essential, else impossible), Manage first at source
* Super for Environment and Future of kids
* Generate Wealth [manure, $$, fuel; Look for "Savings" in table]

- Segregation Chart and a Summary of Contacts on this site (Divya Bhandarkar)

Videos, Pictures, Presentations and Plays

* A Matter of Choice - Part 1 and Part 2 (funny... and drills the message in...)
* The Story of Stuff (20 min video presentation - equivalent to a 2-Day conference on Environment Protection... Amazing !!)
* CBengaluru videos: Part1 and Part2
* Kids Getting Involved in the Process
* Solid Waste Mess In Bangalore
* Videos at
* Vellore Srinivasan Interview
Many have drawn inspiration from Mr. Srinivasan. Mr. Srinivasan is an Environmentalist and a AID Saathi. He works on reforestation, solid waste management and sustainability. His presentations are filled with great content and message and are delivered with a genuine passion for the planet and its people. His Vellore ZWM program provides employment to over 500 families. Without the program, waste from numerous houses in Vellore would otherwise end up in the nearest river. Seattle is next in line in taking the ZWM model up.
* Thermocol can be Managed - BMMayFlower
* Waste Wise Trust's Land Lab
* Composting in a Trolley - first set & 2nd set


- YIMBY’s Friends – Childrens enacting presentation material

- Street Play by Bosch Employees (in Kannada): Parts 1, 2, 3, 4


Handouts, E-mail Notices, Posters

- Zero Waste Management Posters: Motivator, Segregation, Paper, Plastic, E-waste, Compost

- Handout for each house: Segregation and Recycling

- Sterling Brookside Call for Greater Participation (and Progress Update)
- Diamon District WM Promotion Posters: 2000kgsOfWaste, WasteInWater, DumpedWasteGroundWater
- Sterling Brookside e-mail Notices for Dry WM (re-use these... less effort for you)

Reduce Reduce Reduce

- Stop Using Paper Cups (TI news coverage - Sharada Satrasala)
- Brigade Millenium (Mayflower) Posters on Reducing Waste: Shop Discount, Use Cloth Bags, No to Plastic, Decreasing Disposables

FaceBook Presence

- Diamond District: Project Green Diamond

Managing Thermocol

Pictures: Brigade Mayflower (Aarathi Manay) managed to recycle Thermocol

Press Coverage


- TV9 coverage of Malleswaram Renaissance Park I (Get a feel for how it is done)

- NDTV coverage of Regalia Apartment Eco Cops
- Diamond District
- Brigade Gardenia
- Renaissance Regalia Efforts covered by Citizen Matters
- Wealth Out of Waste (Vani Murthy) with Malleswaram Swabhimana Initiative (Dr. Meenakshi Bharath) [Deccan Herald Coverage]
- Brigade Millennium (Mayflower) covered by Citizen Matters
- Training House Help (Brigade Millennium (Mayflower))
- Children as 'eco-cops' (Vani Murthy)

Cloth Bag Makers and their Contacts

 Maker Product and Approximate Pricing
APSA - Association for Promoting Social Action
Contact: Ms. Usha Rani  0 94806 11721
3rd cross, opp Royal Plams,
L.B.Shastri Nagar, Bangalore 560017
Hema Bajaj - 0 98867 74289 non-woven polypropylene bags. Ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 20 [typically cost less than the cloth or jute bags]
Anjana Iyer (0 94492 20484)
25, MSH Layout Stage I
Bangalore - 560024 ( fixed price, but ~Rs. 100 is the suggestion) ... cool stuff !!
Contact: Manisha - 0 98500 84383
[Based out of Pune; Bags start at ~ Rs. 22]
Kalpana Heblekar
99451 08999
 [Bags start at ~ Rs. 50]
Lilam Rueben [Based out of Coimbatore - ]

 - A Red bag, nylon polyester fabric with a small pouch. The bag can be folded and kept inside the pouch. ~ Rs 32.
- A Blue checks polyester bag which can be folded and buttoned with a press button like in umbrella. ~ Rs 20.
- A Cotton batik printed bag with pocket in center. ~ Rs. 28 [pic attached].
U.Sinha Managing Director
No. 5, SMR Vinay Regency, Banaswadi Ring Road
Bangalore 560 043
Ph: 91-80-41529269/25420304
 Try the Nearest Khadi Bhandar

Resistance You May Face and Answers to it

** Daily Dump's excellent Q&A set for Composting
** Housekeeping cost will go up as they would need to collect from 3 different bags (paper, plastic, metal/ewaste).
House keeping will need to collect only once a week. Some minimal training will be required and most house keeping teams should not have an issue with this minimally extra work.
** There are no containers for storing them separately
Separate containers are NOT required for storing these things. Large bags for collections are required - each of these comes for anywhere from Rs. 20 to Rs. 50. They are the same material as Cement Bags.
** There is no place to keep these bags
No Extra Place should be Required. Once Collection is complete you can organize things such that the bags need to be kept in a temporary location for a FEW HOURS ONLY and have the Collection Agent come and collect them. Also the Collection Agent should provide empty bags in place of filled onces.
** Association will not spend money on these additional containers
** There is no place for composting in the campus- common area is either parking or gardens and play area and they don’t want to disturb this
Think about COMPOSTING LATER. Start with Dry items first. There are ways to get composting done with limited space as well. Like for instance on the terrace.
** Why should we segregate Dry waste into 3 bags ? Why can't all the dry waste go into a single bag ?
Segregation at source is the easiest. Mixed Dry waste is unmanageable. If your association has the people/money to hire someone else to segregate the dry waste then you could do with a single bag in each house. Segregation at Source (before it gets out of the house/complex) is a must though.

Feedback: or