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Most people don’t realize that real estates and their agents make money whether they are in a good economy or a bad economy. This is because in a good economy, people have a lot of money, so they buy bigger homes and in a bad economy, people are not making a lot of money so they sell their homes because they can’t afford them. So, if you always wanted to own a real estate company, here is your chance to own NON-FRANCHISE turn key real estate. I am a multi licensed real estate broker and I can help you open a real estate company whether you have a real estate license or not. In the last eight years, I have opened 80 real estate companies in Florida and now this same non-franchise program is available nationwide.

Once your company is up and running, you can start hiring licensed real estate agents. With licensed agents working for you in your company you make money on every property that your agents sell. You can get your license or if you have a license you can keep all the money you make. You don’t have to have a broker’s license to open a real estate either; you just need to have a broker working for your company. The real estate broker is the person who will be needed to qualify you company for a license and guides you and your company to make sure the company follows your states Real Estate Commissions rules. I will guide you through all the aspects of opening your own real estate company. I will come to your area and help you find a location and even work out the terms of the lease with the owner. Think it over and then you can either call or email me to discuss this opportunity.

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