Prepare a data management plan

… for generating high-quality data that is ready to share

A data management plan may help you ...

  • identify and follow the requirements for research data (e.g., NSF and NIH grant applications have policies for data management and sharing)

  • design procedures for high-quality and efficient data work and then follow them consistently

  • assign data roles and responsibilities to research team members and then review data management procedures regularly

  • plan to share your work with the research community and to respond to future data requests (from funders, publishers, colleagues, etc.) 

In general, a plan describes ...

  • the nature of the data generated

  • data organization, storage, and back-up measures

  • quality assurance measures

  • plans for data sharing

  • roles and responsibilities for data management by team members

  • resources to be used for data management

Building data management plans

The DMPTool is an online service for building data management plans with step-by-step instructions and guidance for meeting specific funding agency requirements.

Guides to help you get started

Comprehensive guides 
to data management plans and activities
General templates
for data management plans
for NSF grant applications
Sample data management
and sharing plans