.xMa-Vis TOC

 Visual Analytics for Management
  Translational Science and Applications in Practice
Section I – The Science of the Art
Chapter 1 - Incomplete Pictures 
Elliot Bendoly
Chapter 2 - Coping with Haystacks  
Elliot Bendoly
Chapter 3 - Best Practices in Visual Design
Elliot Bendoly
Chapter 4 - Sustaining Collective Sensemaking in Teams
Alice Comi, Martin Eppler, Alberto Franco 
Chapter 5 - Processing Data for Visual Network Analysis
Jukka Huhtamäki, Martha Russell, Kaisa Still
Section II - Applied Cases 
Chapter 6 - Visualizing a Real-world Sales Pipeline Process
Jeremy Adams
Chapter 7 - Framing Wicked Problems Using Co-design and a Hybrid Design Toolset
Erika Braun
Chapter 8 - Visual Support for Complex Repair Operations in a Global Aerospace Company 
Sian Joel-Edgar, Lei Shi, Lia Emanuel, Simon Jones, Leon Watts, Linda Newnes, Stephen Payne, Ben Hicks
Chapter 9 - Point-of-Care Electronic Health Record-Based Visualization Tools
Randi Foraker
Chapter 10 - Optimization, Visualization and Data Mapping for HVAC Product Distribution
James Hamister, Michael Magazine, George Polak
Chapter 11 - The Long Way to Intuitive Visual Analysis of Air Traffic Control Data
Paul Rosenthal, Linda Pfeiffer, Nicholas Muller, Georg Valtin
Chapter 12 - Data Visualization in History
David Staley
Chapter 13 - An Energy Information System to Conserve Electricity in Campus Buildings
Shaun Fontanella